Global perspectives

Bringing the concerns of the world into everyday decisions

In a rapidly-changing world with unprecedented access to global cultures and opportunities for collaboration, Bates students, faculty, and staff bring the world to campus.

Sustainable stewardship

Bates is committed to building a sustainable community through outreach and education on important issues like climate change, resource valuation, and conservation. Faculty, staff, and students are reducing our environmental footprint by conserving energy, promoting renewable energy, alternative transportation, recycling, and green procurement.

Food as an organizing principle

Bates spent the 2008-09 academic year contemplating the food cycle at Bates and the larger food system in which Bates is embedded. The food choices that each person makes can have real impacts that reach well beyond kitchen, wallet or dining room.

Bates Dining Services works with Maine food producers to seek out the healthiest foods that are organic, natural, farm-fresh or local. Bates is a member of the Green Restaurant Association, buys from Farm Fresh Initiative and diverts over half of its solid waste from the local landfill through a comprehensive management system.