The Academic Resource Commons is looking for students to fill a variety of roles for the 2017/’18 school year. Please see the brief position descriptions below. These positions have been posted in Handshake – if you are interested in any of these positions please apply there by March 1st.  Many students work in multiple roles within ARC; please apply to all positions of interest to you.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you, and please feel free to send us questions at AcademicResourceCommons@bates.edu.

Current Open Positions:

Peer Assisted Learning Leaders are outstanding Bates students who are willing to use their first-hand experience and knowledge to help their peers become better learners. Having successfully completed the course they are leading, PAL Leaders attend the section of the class they are supporting and facilitate learning in out-of-class sessions using strategies that build readiness and comprehension in traditionally difficult courses. Handshake Job ID#621719

Peer Assisted Learning Student Mentors are experienced Peer Assisted Learning Leaders who, in addition to filling the PAL Leader role, support and consult with their fellow PAL Leaders, and assist in their development. Handshake Job ID#621712

Peer Tutors are outstanding Bates students who work as student leaders within the Academic Resource Commons. Peer tutors may work with writing, language learning, or with course content. Handshake Job ID#621669

Peer Writing and Speaking Assistants are outstanding Bates students who are excited by the challenge of engaging their peers over writing. PWSAs collaborate with faculty to support students in individual sections of First-Year Seminars and W2 level courses. Handshake Job ID#621656

Resource Representatives are Bates students who are enthusiastic about helping their fellow students identify resources for academic support, and play an essential role in ensuring fluid operation of the Academic Resource Commons. Resource Representatives greet visitors, guide them to the appropriate resources, schedule appointments, maintain records, and perform clerical work. Handshake Job ID#621642

Student Managers are outstanding Bates students who have emerged as peer leaders, and who have a demonstrated commitment to and aptitude for peer tutoring pedagogy. Student Managers develop and implement trainings for peer tutors, provide on-the-floor oversight of the Academic Resource Commons, and serve as liaisons to departments. Handshake Job ID#621635

Technical Writing Assistants are outstanding Bates students who have demonstrated strong scientific writing skills. TWAs support student writers in Biology by designing and facilitating weekly out-of-class sessions that address approaches to writing assignments and assist students with their writing process. Handshake Job ID#621615