INBRE Undergrad Research Assistant Grants

Deadline: ongoing

Through support from the INBRE grants to Bates and INBRE (IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence, an NIH program), the College makes funds available to Faculty and Bates students for the pursuit of research in math and the sciences during the academic year.

INBRE Undergraduate Research Assistant Grants support faculty research during the academic year in any science or mathematics provided that the approach includes cell or molecular biology, bioinformatics, genomics, toxicology or related fields. Interdisciplinary projects and community based research projects may also be considered.

INBRE Undergraduate Research Assistant Grants provide Faculty members with funds to hire students as paid research assistants for one or two semesters, so that the Faculty member’s research can continue at a reasonable pace throughout the year, and so that students may be brought into the research pipeline early in their college careers. A Faculty member is expected to hire a student new to his or her research program, who will throughout the academic year develop the skills to make the student a highly valuable research collaborator the following summer. Therefore, Faculty are urged to hire first-and second-year students into their labs during the academic years, to work with the PI and advanced students who are not paid but are receiving academic credit for an independent study or thesis.

Six research assistantships are available each year, fostering the research skills, discipline, and interest that they will later need to benefit from a thesis or independent research experience.

Faculty may apply for one lab assistant in any given semester. The project budget should estimate a student’s time (not to exceed twenty hours monthly) over the course of the semester or year, based on a starting rate of $7.50 per hour with the option of paying the student more (up to $10.00 per hour) as his or her level of skill increases.

Faculty should consult with the Student Payroll Office to determine the appropriate pay rate for their student employee, and the maximum hours per week that the student may work.

Application Process

  1. Proposals for INBRE Undergraduate Research Assistant Grants must be submitted by the Faculty member (project director) to the Dean of the Faculty. Applications should not exceed three pages and must include an abstract and a detailed project budget. The narrative should describe the Faculty member’s research, and should describe in detail the role of the student research assistant in the work, and how the student will interact with the Faculty PI and other more advanced students in the lab. Please submit one copy of the entire proposal electronically to Kerry O’Brien ( or in hard copy.
  2. The committee of science and mathematics Faculty members, reviews applications and recommends awards. Preference is given to projects that offer the strongest research experience for the student.
  3. The committee will accept proposals as submitted until the funds are allocated.
  4. The Faculty with funded projects then advertize the opening and students apply by sending the faculty member a copy of their transcript and a letter describing their interest in the project. Students are paid biweekly when the Faculty PI and the student submit time sheets to the Payroll Department.  NOTE:  Special limits on the number of hours worked per week apply to international students.
  5. The student does NOT receive academic credit while employed as a research assistant. The student is an employee, and may be dismissed at any time by the Faculty PI if their attendance is unreliable or work is deemed to be of poor quality.


All recipients of INBRE Undergraduate Research Assistant Grants are required to submit a report on their experiences. Faculty reports should include evaluations of student work, as well as a statement of the ways the program did or did not work well, and if the Faculty member’s research was advanced as a result of the grant support. Students should provide a one- to two-page statement evaluating the experience and describing the ways in which they benefited from it. Any future grants are contingent upon these reports.

Credit Line

Any posters, papers, or publications that develop out of the collaboration funded by this grant should bear this credit line: “Funded in part by a Bates College faculty research grant, supported by a grant to Bates from NIH INBRE Grant Number P20 RR-016463 from the National Center for Research Resources.”

Student application process

When faculty have posted the job position, students apply by sending the faculty member a copy of their transcript and a letter describing their interest in the project.

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