Freeman-Funded Student Internships in Asia

Next Application Deadline: Tuesday March 1, 2011.

The Bates College Freeman Fund supports student summer internships that provide opportunities for students to interact directly with, and deepen their understanding of, the cultures, economies, environment, and people of Asia. 3 to 4 internships opportunities may be funded for summer 2011.

Today we are announcing the second of these internships. This one is being offered by the For-Profit Business, Larkin Trade International, LLC (LTI), in Beijing, China . If you are interested in applying for one of these opportunities you will need to prepare your application materials and submit them by the deadline listed.

General Information about Freeman Internships:

The application process is a two-step procedure. Students must first submit a complete application for review by the Bates College Freeman Committee. The Committee may also interview applicants. The Committee will nominate the top-ranked applicants for each position to the internship hosts. Internship hosts will review the Committee’s nominations and have the right to accept or reject any intern put forward by the Committee.

Current first-year students, sophomores, and juniors in all departments and programs may apply. Preference will be given to students whose academic study, interests, and work experience best match the needs of the internships hosts. Funds are awarded competitively.

Freeman-Funded internship awards will cover up to $1500 for return travel to the internship location and a fellowship of $2000. (Limited additional funding may be provided for room and/or board if this is not provided by internship hosts.)

Application Procedures:

1.        Complete an application form. Available for download at: (word format) or (pdf format)

2.         Write a cover letter addressed to the internship host for the particular organization offering the internship. Your cover letter should describe your interest in, and qualification for, the summer internship as well as the earliest and latest dates you could be available for the internship. Cover letters should not exceed two pages in length.

3.         Prepare a resume to support your application.

4.         Applications must be accompanied by a letter of support from a Bates faculty member. Other letters of recommendation such as those from current or former employers are also welcome.

More Important Information:

  • You can not receive academic credit for Freeman-funded summer internships.
  • Freeman-funded internships in Asia involve a full-time (up to 40 hours per week) commitment for eight weeks.
  • Freeman-funded interns are expected to submit a brief report in the form of a letter to the Dean of the Faculty’s Office within two weeks of finishing the internship.
  • Freeman-funded interns are also expected to prepare a brief summary of their internship experience suitable for posting on the Asian Studies web site.

A Note on Financial Responsibility:
If the College purchases an airline ticket for your internship that you do not use, you will be responsible to repay the College the price of the ticket.

The Freeman-Funded Summer Internships in Asia Program is overseen by the Bates College Freeman Committee
Bates College Freeman Committee Members:
Professors Maggie Maurer-Fazio (Chair), Sarah Strong, Tom Tracy, and Shuhui Yang


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