Mount David Research Fellowships

Mount David Research Fellowships are overseen by the Student Research Committee.

Application Deadline: 3 March Student Research General Application

Funded through a generous gift from an anonymous donor, the Mount David Research Fellowship supports student research in math and sciences. The fellowship provides support for intensive (full-time or approximately 40 hours per week) research for eight to ten weeks during the summer under the direction of a Bates faculty member. The research project may be designed by the student or part of a faculty mentor’s ongoing research.

The fellowship includes a grant of $3,500. Additional funding may be available for research supplied or travel for research or conference presentation.

First-year, sophomore, and junior students may apply.   Graduating seniors are not eligible.

Application Procedures

Students applying for a Mount David Fellowship need to:

(1) Complete an application form for STUDENT RESEARCH GRANTS (available in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty, 121 Lane Hall or online.

(2) On a separate sheet, the applicant should provide a one-paragraph abstract of the research project. The abstract should outline the research questions and the proposed experiments or fieldwork to be undertaken.

(3) A description of not more than two additional pages (double-spaced) describing the project in greater detail, including the research methodology. If the research is part of the faculty mentor’s ongoing research, the student should articulate how his or her work relates to the larger research effort. The applicant should explain how the research relates to his or her academic program as well as his or her qualifications to undertake the project, including relevant coursework or other research experience. DO NOT EXCEED TWO DOUBLE-SPACED PAGES.

(4) The project timetable with the beginning and ending dates of the project (these dates will be used as the basis for the fellowship contract).

(5) A short list of bibliographic resources (4 to 5 references).

(6) If the student is seeking additional funding (beyond the fellowship of $3,500) for supplies or travel, a detailed and realistic budget should be attached to the narrative. These funds are limited; no more than $1,500 in supplemental funds will be awarded to any individual fellow.

PLEASE submit your ORIGINAL PAPERWORK AND 4 COPIES of the APPLICATION FORM AND 4 COPIES of the ENTIRE PROPOSAL for a TOTAL OF 5 COMPLETE PACKETS.  The application must be submitted to Alison Keegan in the Office of the Dean of the Faculty (121 Lane Hall) by 5 PM on the day of the deadline.

More Important Information:

  • Because the goal of summer grant programs is to contribute to a student’s academic success and persistence at Bates, all summer funding is contingent upon a student maintaining a G.P.A. of at least 2.0.
  • You cannot use research grant funding to participate in a credit-earning summer academic program or receive academic credit for summer research.
  • This is a research project that involves a full-time (up to 40 hours per week) commitment for eight to ten weeks; therefore you are not expected to work during your fellowship. You cannot earn additional funds at the College during the weeks you do your research.
  • Fellows are expected to submit an electronic abstract and a brief final report to Alison Keegan ( in the Dean of the Faculty’s Office within two weeks of finishing the project. They are also required to take a brief, national online survey assessing summer research, the SURE III Survey.
  • Fellows present the research during the Parents Weekend Poster Session unless they are studying off campus in the fall.