Travel Expense Reimbursement

To obtain reimbursement for travel expenses, travelers must complete and submit a Travel Expense Report to Cashiering at 221 Lane Hall.

The Travel Expense Report has been developed to assist travelers in providing the detailed information required for compliance with College policies and Federal expense substantiation requirements.

The Travel Expense Report should be filled in completely with the original detailed receipts attached; monthly charge card statements do not constitute original receipts.  As with any College payment, original documentation and original receipts are necessary to substantiate expenditures and eliminate the possibility of duplicate payments.  In cases where receipts are difficult to obtain, the employee may keep a log of the expenses to submit with the Travel Expense Report.  Unreceipted expenses should not exceed $35.00 per day, excluding meals, and are reimbursable to the extent that there was an actual out-of-pocket expense incurred.  Please indicate if the missing receipt was lost, destroyed, or not obtained.  See Meals & Lodging for information on meal receipts.

Travel advances including advances for airline tickets and conference registrations must be included on the Travel Expense Report and will be deducted before reimbursement funds are issued.

Travel expense reports must be signed by the traveler, approved by the appropriate Department Head, Dean or Vice President, and submitted to Cashiering for check processing.  Checks are produced weekly on Thursday and will be mailed to the employee’s home address.  Travel expense reimbursements for amounts less than $150 may be paid in cash.