Announce is an e-mail announcement system for events sponsored by departments and student organizations, as well as for general departmental announcements. The system reaches all students enrolled on campus, as well as faculty and administrators who subscribe to it.

Use Announce to send approved messages to the entire student body.

Or use the following addresses to reach a class for class specific information:

Announce users must observe a few guidelines:

• The system is moderated, with messages reviewed and transmitted within 24 hours if received Monday through Friday (by 4 pm). Friday evening and weekend messages are generally sent on Monday.

• No more than two announcements are allowed per event.

• The announcement must include the date, time and location of the event, and a one paragraph explanation or biography (similar to entries in The Bates Daily).

• The subject line must clearly identify the nature of the event and the sponsoring organization or department.

• The message may not be larger than 100KB.  This makes it difficult to include images or attached files, unless they are generally about 75KB, or smaller.

If you have questions or concerns please contact the Student Activities Office at (207) 786-6305, or email Keith Tannenbaum, Assistant Dean of Students.

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