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Deadline: Friday, January 23, 2014 at 11:59:00PM

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The Student Activities Office hosts a Leadership Development Series, ‘B.E.S.T. [Building Essential Skills for Tomorrow] at Bates,’ each semester. B.E.S.T. is an eight-week long program that aims to provide students with the opportunity to explore critical topics in leadership and give students a toolbox of practical and transferable leadership skills.

This experience provides participants with confidence and knowledge that can be applied to the classroom, student organizations, and other personal and professional spaces. Students in B.E.S.T. will complete some small preparatory assignments. Generally we cap our program at 20 students per semester in order to fully invest in and foster a robust space of discussions and interactive activities.

The Winter 2015 Emerging Leaders Program:

This Winter 2015, our program will be geared specifically to first and second year students interested in learning key skills for being active members and leaders of Bates College student clubs, organizations, and athletic groups. Distinct to this semester, the Student Activities Office and the Office of Intercultural Education will be partnering in providing more leadership and learning opportunities for B.E.S.T. participants and the Bates College Mosaic leaders. Winter 2015 participants will benefit from interacting with Mosaic leaders in select B.E.S.T. sessions and participants will also be invited to attend select Mosaic meetings for additional, optional learning opportunities. Please see dates below. This semester, BEST will be held from 6:00-7:15PM on Tuesday evenings:

Winter 2015 – B.E.S.T. Emerging Leaders Program Session Dates:

2/3 Session 1 – Opening Ceremony: Intros: Leadership, You, and the Role of Student Clubs and Organizations

  • Your passions, purpose, goals
  • Leadership and the role of student orgs/clubs and athletic groups

2/10 Session 2 – Starting or Taking on Leadership in a Student Club, Org or Athletic Group

  • Mission, constitutions, initial resources, advisors

2/24 Session 3 – Creating Structure, Expectations and Accountability

  • Setting norms, structure, creating an agenda, running a meeting

3/3 Session 4 – Engaging Others and Getting New Members

  • Membership building and appreciation, aligning interests, providing a sense of belonging, creating an inclusive space

3/10 Session 5 – Programming 101

  • How to plan and run a program, publicity, co-sponsorships, resources, teambuilding

3/17 Session 6 – Funding 101

  • Where and how to access funding resources

3/24 Session 7 – Self-Care and Transitioning Leadership

  • Taking care of the self, transitioning leadership as a form of self care, cultivating new leaders, mentoring and empowering others

3/31 Session 8 – Closing Ceremony: Marking Your Leadership Skills Professionally

  • Clarifying your experience in BEST and extracting concrete skills to market professionally (i.e. resume, interview, cover letter)


B.E.S.T. @ Bates Application - Winter 2015

Winter 2015 B.E.S.T. @ Bates Application
  • Part 1: Involvement

    Please provide us with information any groups you are currently involved in at Bates. If you were involved or a part of a group in high school that you were particularly passionate or engaged in, please let us know. This is to give us a sense of what you are interested in and about what leadership roles you've taken on in the past (i.e. community service, religious groups, clubs/orgs, TA positions etc.) - quality over quantity!
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  • Part II: Supplemental Questions

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FOR MORE INFORMATION regarding this program, please feel free to contact Qiu Fogarty, Coordinator of Student Activities, and Leadership Development via email qfogarty@bates.edu or phone (207) 755-5963, or stop by the Student Activities Office in Chase Hall.