Entering Students

Welcome to Bates.  I’m sure you are excited to join our community this fall, and we look forward to your arrival.  You will find that our campus is a vibrant place with a wide variety of opportunities to become involved – exciting clubs, organizations and co-curricular activities.  We hope that you will participate in activities similar to your current interests, and seek new opportunities and challenges yet to be found.

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My primary area of responsibility is student activities.  In this capacity I assist student organizations with planning and ideas, advise several specific organizations, and coordinate the calendar of extracurricular activities.  The office seeks to provide a diverse group of activities, and to respond to a wide variety of student interests. I hope you will help me in this task by sharing your talents, ideas and enthusiasm.  The staff in Student Activities also includes Lee Seguin, Coordinator of Student Activities and Residential Life Assistant, as well as Jessica Flaherty, the Campus Events Scheduler, and an invaluable asset to the college.  All three of us are available to help in your transition to Bates, and to you becoming active members of this community.

The College has more than eighty student organizations that help to sustain our dynamic and diverse campus life. These clubs promote knowledge and mutual understanding, while providing a network for social interaction. Most students participate in one or more of these clubs or organizations. They will likely prove themselves an invaluable part of your college experience, providing new adventures and friendships you will treasure long after you leave Bates. I hope that you will enjoy learning about them.

There is an open invitation for all students to stop by the Student Activities Office, in Chase Hall, to discuss our current programs, ideas for constructive change, and whatever else might be on your mind. Enjoy your summer and we look forward to welcoming you to Bates in the fall.


Keith M. Tannenbaum, Assistant Dean of Students

Bates Outing Club (Puddle Jump – January 2012) Weekly Trips (like Whitewater Rafting) Macklemore – Sponsored by CHC andWRBC