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­Alex “Less is” Morrow

Alex “Less is” Morrow made the short trip from Lebanon, Maine to grace the Bates campus with her kid-at-heart spirit. She can often be seen riding around on her bike and sporting her stylish hipster glasses. When she’s not concocting her famous hot chocolate at the Ronj she enjoys spending her time playing Club Penguin.


Adam “Vowels” Figueiredo

Adam “Vowels” Figueirido hails from the small town of Weston, Massachusetts. He brought sexy back to Bates all the way from Tulane University, and the campus is still reeling from his arrival. When he’s not steaming up the Ronj you can find him sipping Piña Coladas and taking long walks on Popham Beach. P.S. Ladies, he’s single!


Ali “The Freshman” Hakusui

A descendent of the great ancient kings of Japan, Ali Hakusui is actually a princess in disguise. She gets her kicks by serving coffee for others who have no idea she is actually Japanese royalty. Also something of a tennis pro, Andy Roddick has been quoted as saying, “she scares the bejeezus out of me.” Among things she enjoys are memes and hating stupid people.


Barbara “Babs” VanDerburgh

Barbara “Babs” VanDerburgh comes from the far-off, mystical land of Portland, Maine and has some pretty serious PORTLAND PRIDE. She’s co-president of BAG, the Bates Authors Guild, and gets her poetry writin’ on when she’s not making secret comic books about dinosaurs in the Bible. If you’re not careful she’ll recite you some great poetry and refer to you (and everyone else) as “fella” while she makes you a nice warm cup of chai.


Cassandra “The Sanj” Desrosiers

Who is Cassandra? This bodacious babe was born in Bremerton , WA but booked it to Boston. A born-beauty guru who bows down to nobody but Beyonce, she can be found belting out ballads or beguiled by YouTube.



Emma “Bubbles” Reichart

Emma Reichart, famous for the songs written in her honor by Bon Iver and Jonathan Edwards, is a Junior at Bates College, double-majoring in Psychology and Pre-Med, and a star employee at the Ronj. When not jamming to Dropkick Murphy’s “Shipping Up to Boston”, Emma is eating pumpkin bread and drinking hazelnut hot chocolate while enjoying Fall, her favorite season. After a long day of coffee and chai-making, Emma drives (much too fast, the way she likes it) her yellow cement truck home to her Igloo floating on a raft in the Baltic Sea. To relax, Emma likes to knit toe-socks and tend to her prizewinning roses in her extensive flower garden. When asked to make a statement summarizing her advice for the human race, Emma said, “Shine on in the hearts of men”. And I think, ladies and gentlemen, that is exactly what Emma Reichart is all about.


Grace “Ritz” Glasson

Grace hails from the warm and beautiful fort of Beaufort, South Carolina (where Forrest Gump was filmed!). She often enjoys expressing her emotions IN ALL CAPS! and, when not belting it out in the Crosstones, can be heard playing beautiful music on her uke. You can often find her ‘zine making, dying her hair, or playing Zelda with her buddy Rusty.


Hally “Kamikaze” Bert

Hally is originally from Tacoma, Washington; and she attended the high school where the movie “10 Things I Hate About You” was filmed. Hally has ridden the world’s second longest gondola and her favorite television shows are “Arthur” and “Jeopardy”. Shawn Corey Carter (otherwise known as Jay-Z) is her role model and when she grows she wants to be a dinosaur.




Johan “Yoyo” Mohtarudin

This gentle giant hails from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of the island paradise of Malaysia.

If he isn’t behind the counter at Le Ronj, he is on the (ballroom) dancefloor or caressing his girl Ira’s neck and body (many have tried but nothing can come between these two). He is a great friend and a great worker. PS, Ira is his ukulele.


Lyndsay “Wallawalla Bingbong” Wallace

As a current resident of Delaware, Lyndsay has returned to her home state of Maine to embrace the outdoors as a first-year student at Bates. Lyndsay enjoys camping, swimming, exploring new places, and is addicted to her favorite crime TV shows.


Maddy “Buttah” Ekey

Haaaave you met Maddy? Born in what Jack Donaghy would call “real America, where the cows out number the townspeople, Maddy “Buttah” Ekey loves being outdoors, is an avid watcher of How I Met Your Mother, and wishes she had the ability to fly. Stop by Le Ronj and have her make you one of her favorite drinks: hot cider or a mocha latte!!


Max “Maxalicious” Pendergast

Everybody loves Max! With the voice of rolling thunder, she can serenade you ’till the tears start streaming down your face. Her favorite activities include: singing along loudly to Broadway showtunes and eating anything with cheese. She also has a fetish for aquatic plants (god knows why) and can babble in an Irish accent ’till the sun goes down.


Merrill “Gym” Brady

Merrill sprouted from Massachusetts and has lived there all of her life. Start conversations with her about anything from SNL to Mexican food. She is fascinated with both. She tends listen to classical music when falling to sleep. Have her make you a chili hot chocolate that will wow your senses.


Mickey “Mouse” McAlary

Mickey “Mouse” McAlary is an animated cartoon character who is often found in Disney productions. Usually donning red shorts, big yellow shoes, and white gloves, he is generally found in the company of his girlfriend Minnie and his dog Pluto.


Nolwazi “Wazzles” Ngwenyama

Hailing from the lands of Swaziland, Nolwazi makes the finest hot chocolate in all of Bates-dom. So good that it’ll give you a long lasting smile or diabetes. She’s interested in the base guitar and is extensively trained in the arts of using a lawn mower, specializing in zombie extermination. So if you ever do see zombies, look for Nolwazi while she’s on her shift and she’ll make you hot chocolate to calm the nerves and yourself safe with her trusty good old lawn mower.


Patrick “Homegrown” Wood

Homegrown was born in Baltimore; before making the journey to Maine he resided in Salisbury Connecticut and attended the Ashville School in Ashville, NC. When he’s chilling at Le Ronj, Patrick likes to sip on dirty chai with extra chocolate syrup while he daydreams of having superpowers like spiderman or being able to time travel, as happens in Back to the Future- his favorite movie. This year, when he’s not enjoying the outdoors, Patrick is learning to play the guitar, and will definitely be the next heartbreaker coffee house artist to watch for!



Sean “Doleezza Rice” Keller

Sean grew up in Africa with his two zoologist parents where he was home-schooled until he was 16. When he got to his new school he was first friends with an artistic girl living on the edge and her gay best friend. Soon after, a group of girls, affectionately known as the plastics, took a liking to Sean. After a complicated web of events and vicious girls-world deceit, Sean got in over his head. Sean was wrongly accused of authoring a book spreading mean rumors about every girl in his class. Eventually Sean saw the errors of his ways and made a really heartfelt speech after being crowned Spring Fling Queen.


Ursula “Ushi” Sandstrom

Twitter grew up in the land of coffee, Seattle, where she spent her childhood sewing doll dresses and reading. Since then she has spent more time working for political campaigns and loggerhead sea turtles. At Bates, will not majoring in stress, she studies environmental economics.


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