Ask a Student

Admission Summer Interns

Meet this year’s cohort of Summer Interns, students who work in the Office of Admission throughout the summer and provide campus tours, co-host admission and financial aid information sessions, and support the office in all of its initiatives. They’re eager to meet you and answer your questions, so please do not hesitate to reach out to them if you have a question about life at Bates!

Maddy Clark
High School/Hometown: Georgetown Day School; Washington, D.C.
Majors/Minors/GECs: English (Major), Gender and Sexuality Studies (Minor), Law and Society (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Bates College Crosstones, Big Brothers Big Sisters, College Guild, Immigrant Resource Center of Maine
Favorite Moment at Bates: A weekend trip to Acadia I took at the beginning of my sophomore year. Also, I am a big fan of the “Puddle Jump.”

Xavier Hayden
High School/Hometown: Manhattan High School; Manhattan, KS
Majors/Minors/GECs: Mathematics (Major), Asian Studies (Minor), Theater (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Bates College Crosstones, Robinson Players, Carpenter and Lighting Designer for Theater Workshop.
Favorite Moment at Bates:
My whole group laid down in canoes and watched the stars one night during my AESOP trip to Flagstaff Lake. I just remember it being such a beautiful moment and everything seemed sort of surreal, almost like it was out of a movie.

Alexander Ignatov
School/Hometown: Trumbull High School; Trumbull, CT
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics (Major), History & Russian (Double Major)
Activities/Involvement: Varsity Swimming and Diving, Fat Cats Competitive Eating Club
Favorite Moments at Bates: My first swim meet victory against Bowdoin.

Precious Johnson
School/Hometown: Gary Comer College Preparatory School; Chicago, IL
Majors/Minors/GECs: Anthropology (Major), English & Film and Media Studies (Double GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Digital Media Studio Student Employee, Dining Student Employee, Women of Color
Favorite Moment at Bates:
Visiting as a Prologue student and stepping into Commons to meet such friendly people. 

Catherine Mullen
School/Hometown: Hathaway Brown School; Princeton, NJ
Majors/Minors/GECs: Economics & Sociology (Double Major), French and Francophone Studies (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Varsity Swimming and Diving, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Fat Cats Competitive Eating Club
Favorite Moment at Bates:
Winning the Colby-Bates-Bowdoin title my sophomore year.

Chandler Ryan
School/Hometown: Delmar, NY; Emma Willard School
Majors/Minors/GECs: English & Studio Arts (Double Major), Race and Identity (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: AESOP Coordinator, Outing Club, Junior Adviser, Post and Print Student Employee, Feminist Collective
Favorite Moment at Bates:
 Taking the first year students to the top of Mount David on my first day as a Junior Adviser.  It was gratifying to see them envision their full arc at Bates.

Dawrin Silfa
School/Hometown: Church Farm School; New York, NY
Majors/Minors/GECs: Psychology (Major), Education & Theater (Double Minor)
Activities/Involvement: 2Beats Hip Hop Club, Latinos Unidos, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Office of Intercultural Education Fellow
Favorite Moment at Bates:
Watching fireworks during Short Term by “the Puddle.”

Lydia Sullivan
School/Hometown: Yarmouth High School; Yarmouth, ME
Majors/Minors/GECs: Rhetoric & Religious Studies (Double Major), Film and Media Studies (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Junior Representative on Security Advisory Council, Religious Studies Research Assistant, Office of Admission Tour Guide
Favorite Moment at Bates:
Move-in day my first year. I arrived at Adams and six current Bates students came out and helped me move in. It was a great introduction to Bates.

 Andrew Veilleux
School/Hometown: Graded- The American School of Sao Paulo; Tarrytown, NY
Majors/Minors/GECs: History & European Studies (Double Major), Chinese Society and Culture (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Academic Resource Commons Student Employee, WRBC Radio Show Host, McMahon Elementary School Volunteer
Favorite Moment at Bates: “
Puddle Jump”! It is one of those moments where you see and feel a part of this larger community.

Admission Summer Interviewers

Meet this year’s cohort of Summer Interviewers, students who work in the Office of Admission throughout the summer and provide prospective students with on-campus interviews. A Bates interview is your opportunity to discuss your interests and ask questions about both Bates and the student experience. They’re eager to meet you, so please schedule an interview  and reach out to them with questions about their time at Bates!

Zack Campbell
School/Hometown: The Lawrenceville School; Brooklyn, NY
Majors/Minors/GECs: Math (Major), Asian Studies & Religious Studies (Double Minor)
Activities/Involvement: Track and Field, Resident Coordinator Team Leader, Math and Statistics Workshop Tutor
Favorite Moment at Bates:
  Winning the state championship in track in the winter of my sophomore year. I felt like I had contributed because I won our team a number of points.

Zach Collester
School/Hometown: Central Bucks High School East; Doylestown, PA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Neuroscience (Major), The Human Body & Sound (Double GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Bates College Crosstones, Triathalon Club, Admission Summer Intern, Academic Resource Commons Tutor
Favorite Moment at Bates:
  My friends and I created a tradition of having “Tea Time” and playing board games during my first year on campus.

Anna Kreitzer
School/Hometown: Ellsworth High School; Ellsworth, ME
Majors/Minors/GECs: Psychology (Major), Theater (Minor), The Human Body (GEC)
Activities/Involvement: Admission Tour Guide, Admission Tour Guide Coordinator, Admission Receptionist, Junior Adviser, Resident Coordinator Team Leader, Statistic Tutor, Robinson Players
Favorite Moment at Bates:
 Gala is one of my favorite events because it has the highest student turn out. And there is great food and live music!

Afia Sekyere
School/Hometown: Pomfret School; Tampa, FL
Majors/Minors/GECs: French and Francophone Studies & Rhetoric (Double Major)