Nourishing body and mind

111003_0149The food is great!

We make it ourselves, following recipes from many lands, using food from many local farms. We’ve actually won awards for it.

Just as good is the place where the food is made and served and eaten: Commons. Opened in 2008, Bates’ newest dining hall was designed to be smarter and more sustainable.

111003_0188The main room of Commons is open and airy and welcoming. There’s a wall of windows; everything seems visible. The general idea is to wander from table to table, meeting thrilling people from around the world and, very often, staying and talking for a long, long time.

In all of these ways — local, global, sustainable, social, smart, open and thrilling — Commons is
a lot like Bates. Take a seat.

111003_0207All under one roof

Because food is essential to our lives, we thought it made sense to incorporate Bates values into our approach to food. Values like environmental sustainability, social responsibility and intellectual vigor. Commons is where you’ll see these values come to life. This environmentally friendly hub is home to Bates’ long and cherished tradition of gathering the campus community under one roof for meals and thought-provoking conversation.


100831_Campus_6144Organic, natural, farm-fresh and local

Bates Dining Services works with Farm Fresh Initiative and Maine food producers to seek out the healthiest foods that are organic, natural, farm-fresh or local. Bates is one of five colleges – and the only college in Maine – to have received a three-star rating from the Green Restaurant Association.

New Dining Commons scenes February 2008Vegan entrées and chocolate cake

Our dining hall is configured like an open marketplace that allows you to peruse numerous stations and watch as the food of your choice is prepared. Our extensive and accommodating menus range from vegan/vegetarian to brick-oven pizza, to comfort foods like cookies and chocolate cake!