Student Employment

Learning opportunities outside the classroom


web_100904_moving_in_6740Student employment

For those who believe that education isn’t limited to the classroom, student employment can be both an educational and financial benefit. Worki

ng on campus with Bates faculty and staff is your opportunity to make money, build your resume and gain relevant experience.


Off-campus employment

As of result of our prioritized relationship with the Lewiston-Auburn community, we see frequent requests from local businesses for student assistance. These community jobs are most commonly babysitting and tutoring, though many students land jobs with local restaurants and marketing services. Working off campus is your opportunity for additional income and community involvement.


Academic research positions

We¬†demand that our professors conduct ongoing research and encourage you to work with them. During the academic year, and most often during the summer, many professors hire students to work with them on their research projects. Why stop at studying a major when you can be a part of your field’s discovery and advancement?