Objectives of Academic Advising

Advising is an important learning experience for students and a teaching experience for faculty.  Together the advisor and the student seek to integrate considerations of the student’s intellectual passion, outside interests, and life preferences with nuts-and-bolts decisions about courses, General Education requirements, and majors.

Academic advising is a developmental and collaborative process.  Over time students acquire knowledge of how the academic system works, the skill to identify and reach out to faculty in areas they might consider intellectually important to them, and the ability to chart courses and make decisions about their future intellectual life.  Together students and faculty advisor build schedules, identify intellectual and career goals, and add building a major to intellectual exploration.

Advising Goals:

  • For students to acquire a sense of the place a liberal arts education can hold in their lives, to identify their intellectual passions, and to think about crafting a life that balances intellectual interests and pragmatic needs.
  • For students to acquire an understanding of where and how to find and navigate information about courses, majors, requirements.
  • For students to learn to plan their academic careers, learn how to acquire knowledge about academic careers, and learn to approach faculty who teach in the student’s area of interest.