Questions to ask advisees

Questions for first advising meeting

Our time together will be short and I want to be sure to give priority to your most pressing and immediate advising needs when we meet.  At the same time, I want to use the interview to begin to get to know you as a student/scholar.[i]

1) When you hear the words “intellectual excitement” what topics or types of experiences first come to mind?

2)What are your academic goals at Bates this year?  What would you say are your over-all academic goals at Bates?  Another way of asking this is “What do you hope your education at Bates will do for you?”

3) At this point, do you have an idea of what you want to major in? (Note that this question does not imply that you necessarily should have a major in mind at this point.)

4) Do you have any career goals in mind for after Bates?  (The disclaimer under number 3 above applies here too.)

5) Are there any academic skills–for example, writing, math, creative expression, foreign language acquisition—which you would identify as your strong card(s)?  Any that you would point to as your weak areas?

[i] After a questionnaire by Sarah Strong.