Sample Interview 2

I very much enjoyed my dialogue with this intelligent, understated and courteous gentleman- – his attitude was genuinely winning and engaging.

He is a student athlete and Captain of the – Swimming Team.  J- said that he would intend to swim for Bates.  He plays tennis as well, but his real athletic aspirations lie in swimming and he is devoted with great discipline to this demanding sport.

At –High School, J- participates in an International Baccalaureate Arts Program, which he feels gives him an international perspective that he values.  He said that he intends at this point to participate in a Junior Year Abroad Program as an extension of this macro-view.  J- plans to engage in a pre-med program at college and then pursue a graduate degree in dentistry.

He had applied to B– for early decision and also to B-, T-, and M- under regular entry applications.  His SATs top 1300, I understand.  He spent summer vacations with his family on the Maine Coast.  He strikes me as a welcome addition to the Bates Community, as I feel that he would be active in the College.  J- reminds me quite a bit of my former roommate at Bates – – a bright, understated, friendly but disciplined and quietly driven athlete.