Sample Interview 3

E — felt very comfortable in her own skin. Oddly enough, she is primarily looking at schools out west. Bates and —- are the only schools back east she is thinking about. She seems to have made the most of her time at her school. She did become frustrated with wealth and elitism and wanted a change of environment for a time. However, she found approaches to make her experience better. She plays volleyball, is one of two co-captains and is looking to play at the collegiate level. She is an outspoken leader that has a positive influence on teammates.

E– spoke in a very articulate and convincing fashion and her answers provided plenty of depth and insight. She is passionate about environmental science and is involved with it at various levels in her high school. E– was very well informed about Bates. She also has a strong interest in social justice and has done quite a bit of volunteering. She is the type of student that would be an ally for multicultural students on campus.

E– had a great experience doing a Mountain Semester last year and was involved in a variety of outdoor activities. She matured a lot from the experience and became a different person. She would make an excellent fit for Bates, but seemed really interested in trying something new by heading out west.