Sample Interview 4

M-is great! Laid-back and very bright, but by no means showy.

He speaks like a wise professor – very carefully and is deliberate with his word choice. His interview was a bit slow to start, as he is so thoughtful and seemingly bright, yet as things got rolling, he was very open and eager to learn more about Bates. His excitement for Bates seemed to grow through our 50 minute conversation.

M– loves trees. He’s grown up studying them alongside his father and was quickly enamored. His father is in the lumber/ restoration field (this wasn’t quite clear), but this has enabled M– to get out into the field with his dad in MA, NH and VT. He really appreciates the variety of trees and their beautiful make-up. He said he is also particularly interested in a place like Maine and its tree history. For example, the fact that it was all clear-cut and has since re-grown. Interesting, something I didn’t know.

M–’s love/ understanding of trees, the natural world and environmental studies blossomed/ strengthened last year at the Mountain School. He studied, through much field work, the environment of VT and fell in love with experiential learning and such a vivid opportunity.

All in all, M– was great! I think he’ll work hard, will be an excellent friend to many, will be focused yet exploratory in his learning, and is a natural fit. He’s also very intrigued by Lewiston and the Harward Center.

A memorable conversation and young man! Seems like a real standout student at his high school. Recruit!