Sample Interview 5

L- and I met at Starbucks on Saturday, October 7th.

She’s a nice enough person, but didn’t stand out in my mind in any particular way, and she didn’t have a lot to say about herself or anything in general.  It was one of those interviews that you struggle to get her to expand beyond any basics, so unfortunately we spent only about a half hour as part of the interview.

She’s looking mainly at New England colleges, including Bates, H–, C–, B–, C–, and U–.  There’s a family history with H—and B—(brother is a junior at B–) but really likes Bates, and is planning on applying ED.  I tried to get a sense of Why Bates, and she didn’t really have a lot more to say other than, “it’s a great school,” “I liked the campus,” and “I know Sam” (Who I personally interviewed and really enjoyed talking to.)

Her coursework looks decent, with AP Spanish, Modern Japan, Holocaust, Physics, Calculus, and Modern English as her current workload.  I couldn’t get the sense of the type of grader and workload she’s taken at LHS.  Spanish is her favorite course, and she liked learning about different cultures.  L – has traveled to Mexico (once), and did have an exchange student from Spain, abut that’s about it.

L-’s extracurriculars include cross country and track (longer distances.)  She does want to continue in college, but she lost an opportunity to tell me more about achievements/accomplishments, particularly since the LHS XC and track teams are among the top programs in the area (all she said to me was that she was in the “top ten” on her team, which doesn’t tell me a lot.)  She’s been a camp counselor for a day program in the area, and did minor volunteering activities, but nothing really substantial that she wanted to elaborate on.

I’m not sure there’s a lot here to strongly recommend her to Bates.