Bates Days of Service

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Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Bates Days of Service in 2015 by participating in community service projects with fellow alumni, students, parents and friends across the country. Cosponsored by the Office of Alumni & Parent Engagement and the Harward Center for Community Partnerships, Days of Service celebrates the Bates traditions of informed civic action and stewardship of the wider world.

The 2015 Bates Days of Service will take place from April 22 (Earth Day) through May 25, 2015 at 12 sites. Find a project near you in the list below. Please register using the link to the right.

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2015 Locations

Boston, MA

Charles River Cleanup –

THIS EVENT IS FILLED. Please contact Stephanie Dumont at to be placed on the waiting list.

Saturday, April 25, 2015
9 a.m. – 12 p.m., location TBD

Activities include cleaning up the riverbanks of the Charles River.
Lauren Kruck Meyer ’09 and Christopher Murtagh ’11.

Registrants for 2015:
Alison Bennett ’13
Devon Bonney ’12
Erin Bonney Casey ’09
Jen Brown ’13
Matt Carriker ’01
Teresa Cooper ’11
Lauren Dobish
Mikayla Foster ’13
Linnea Fulton ’13
Katie Hammond ’01
Samra Husremovic ’18
Clare Kaplan P’16
David Kaplan ’85, P’16
John McSorley ’11
Lauren Kruck Meyer ’09
Alicia Rea
Nate Thomas ’00

Greater Boston Food Bank 2006


Chicago, IL

Cookies from the Heart

Ronald McDonald House
5444 S Drexel Avenue, Chicago, IL 60615

Saturday, May 9, 2015
Noon – 4 p.m.

Activities include gathering ingredients, baking the cookies and serving them to the residents of the house.
Jordan Conwell ’12 and Uriel Gonzalez ’11

Registrants for 2015:
Aman Barih
Salina Barih
Senite Barih
Tom Boniface ’12
Jordan Conwell ’12
Justin Faurer ’10
Uriel Gonzalez ’11
Bethel Kifle ’14
Tessa Pals ’12
Julia Shein
Justin Shein ’95
Sam Slattery ’14
Christopher Varner P’17

Ronald McDonald House of Chicago

Ronald McDonald House of Chicago

Denver, CO

Supply drive for Denver Rescue Mission

Stem Ciders
2811 Walnut Street
Denver, CO 80205

Saturday, April 25, 2015
3:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Arrive at Stem Ciders with donation items  for the Denver Rescue Mission that could include food, clothing (new or gently used and clean), shoes, blankets, hygiene items, furniture  and household items. Donations gain you entry to the reserved Bates area at the restaurant.

Registrants for 2015:
Gus Feldt
Katy Feldt ’00
Mike Feldt
Rachel Gold
Rachel Laaff ’09
Amy Schmidt ’16
Conrad Schmidt ’13
Deb Schmidt ’77, P’16
Rudy Schmidt ’10
Douglas Schmidt ’78, P’16
Nicholas Thigpen
Gabby Voeller ’06

Denver Rescue Mission

Essex Junction, VT

Winooski Conservation District Tree Sale/Essex Junction
Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation
111 West Street, Essex Jct., VT 05452

Saturday, April 25, 2015
8:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Activities include welcoming customers, locating orders and helping load orders into vehicles.
Courtney Fleisher ’94.

Registrants for 2015:
Craig Abel-Palmer ’90
Courtney Fleisher ’94
Ilya Kashtelyan ’10
Kristina Marcussen ’94
Joe Miller ’88
Sylvie Minkoff
Luke Moran
Lynda Reiss P’18
Scott Reiss P’18
Peter Schmidtke
Kira Stewart ’08
Lawrence Walden ’74
Brynne Underhill ’10

Pine Hill Trails at Giorgetti Park 2010

Lewiston, ME

Rebuilding Together LA

Benjamin Mays Center, Bates College
Saturday, May 2, 2015
7 a.m. -4 p.m.

Activities include working on houses in the area to provide necessary improvements for homeowners who cannot afford to do the work themselves. Shanna Bruno

Registrants for 2015:
Jacqueline Aguayo-Elias ’18
Brie Allen
Melody Altschuler ’17
Claire Bartell ’16
Shanna Bruno
Claudia Calhoun
Darrius Campbell ’17
Sarah Cancelarich ’15
Margaret Carroll ’18
Maitri Chittidi ’17
Raegine Clouden Mallett ’18
Gabrielle Concepcion ’15
Barbara Crespo ’15
Jeyna Diallo ’15
Martha Deschaines ’75
Maria Felski ’18
Jacqueline Forney ’18
Lauren Foster ’18
Grace Huang ’17
Samra Husremovic ’18
Emma Israel ’15
Thomas Jarvis
Aashu Jha ’17
Eliza Kaplan ’15
Betsy Ladd ’85
Shaina Lam ’17
Rachel Lippin-Foster ’15
Cary Lee ’17
Chandler McGrath ’17
Caroline Mitchell ’17
Hannah Mitchell ’14
Erin Montanez ’16
Tenzin Namdol ’15
Ashleen O’Brien ’15
Gabby O’Leary ’17
Caroline O’Reilly ’18
Sophie Pellegrini’15
Nicole Peraica ’17
Emily Pinette ’17
Darby Ray
John Ricatto ’18
James Sawyer ’56
Erin Shea ’17
Lisa Slivkin ’18
Courtney Suggs ’18
Hannah Tardie ’17
Richard Teverson
Susan Trask ’70
Woody Trask ’66
Anna Turner ’18
Desirae Valentin ’17
Barbara VanDerburgh ’15
Briana Wilson ’18
Fidelia Zelaya ’15

Rebuilding Together LA Team 2014

New York, NY

New School for Leadership and the Arts
120 West 231st Street, Bronx, NY 10463

Saturday, May 16, 2015
9:45 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Activities include painting classrooms and mentoring current students of the school while completing the volunteer assignment. Kristin Barber ’07

Registrants for 2015:

Kristin Barber ’07
Suzanne Barber P’07
Cat Djang ’13
Stephanie Dumont
Terehas Edwards ’11
Liane FitzGerald ’12
Michelle Hart ’91
Kizia Kastleman
Linda Kugblenu ’13
Rebecca Lange ’10
Holly McLaughlin ’13
Manuella O’Dell ’09
Helen Paille ’09
Shannon Penney ’09
Eleanor Prowell ’09
Katherine Thorson ’10
Kevin Thorson ’10
Dan Wick

Food Bank of New York

Phippsburg, ME

Morse Mountain Cleanup

Saturday, April 25, 2015
10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Activities include removal of lobster traps, brush clean up and beach clean up.

Jeff Sturgis ’69

Registrants for 2015:

Cristin Bates
Lisa Blake ’88
Aaron Coppeta
Ethan Coppeta
Matt Campbell
Fiona Chace-Donahue
Jen Chace P’18
Aaron Coppeta
Ethan Coppeta
Mary Davis ’70
Jason Donahue P’18
Baxter Engleman
Carter Engleman
Charlotte Engelman ’98
Matt Engelman ’98
Josee Winston Feder
Steve Feder ’88
Barbara Hampel ’70
Lee Lim ’71
Winnie Lim ’71
Julie McCabe ’12
Teague Morris ’85
Kelsey Purinton
Amy Schrag ’91
Laura Sewall
Delmar Small ’85
Alden Smith P’09
Diane Smith P’09
Jeff Sturgis ’69,P’93
Jim Swol ’98
Betsy Tomlinson ’91
Amy Winston ’90

Morse Mountain Cleanup 2014

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco and Marin Food Bank
900 Pennsylvania Avenue San Francisco, CA 94107

Saturday, April 25, 2015
12:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Activities include sorting and packing food for food pantries, soup kitchens and children’s snack programs.

Lili Bentley ’12 and Julia Winder ’12

Registrants for 2015:
Megan Arnold ’09
Lili Bentley ’12
Hadley Dawson ’14
Joanna Goldin ’12
Jake Kaplove ’12
Carole Lupi ’12
Anna McCabe ’13
Andrea Meyer ’14
Wyatt Wartels ’97
Nina Wolinsky ’12

Golden Gate Audubon Society

Golden Gate Audubon Society

Seattle, WA

Alleycat Acres’ 22nd + Union farm
1408 22nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122

Saturday, April, 25, 2015
10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Activities include planting, weeding, mulching and laying wood chips.
Fisher Qua ’06

Registrants for 2015:

Erin Bond ’09
Bret Eytinge
Sarah Eytinge ’05
Laurie Gallagher ’97
Lina Haziq
Zohra Haziq ’93
Cody Jenkins ’14
Amanda Moore ’14
Haley Sive ’12
Beka Smith ’97
Fisher Qua ’06

Nature Consortium in West Darvish Greenbelt

Washington, DC

Bread for the City 
Northwest Center
1525 7th Street NW, DC 20001

Sunday, May 3, 2015
2-4 p.m.

Activities include sorting produce from local farmers markets and preparing for distribution to local families.
Stephanie Borges Folarin ’04 and Kristelle Hicks ’04.

Registrants for 2015:
Stephanie Borges Folarin ’04
Monica Butler P’17
Sam Chasin
Stephanie Dumont
Larry Handerhan ’05
Kristelle Hicks ’04
Amy Hill ’98
Leslie Hurd plus guest
Ryan Mead ’06
Emily Murgia
Megan Petry ’07
Grishma Prahdan ’09
Ursula Sandstrom ’14
Emma Sprague ’10
Taylor Valentine
Joanne Walton ’90
Zoe Walton

DC Rock Creek Park clean up

Worcester, MA

Greater Worcester United Way
63 Oread Street
Worcester, MA

Saturday, April 18, 2015
9 a.m. – Noon

THIS EVENT IS FILLED. Please contact Stephanie Dumont at to be placed on the waiting list.

Activities include creating and stocking a new food pantry with dry goods and reusable water bottles that will be distributed to youth and volunteers during the summer teen program and summer service days. Volunteers will assemble, sort and then stock the shelves.
Janice McLean ’79

Registrants for 2015:
Donna Avery ’82, P’12
Caroline Barr ’11
Laura Beckwith ’65
Flora Chan ’11
Stephanie Dumont
Jon Guild ’82
Sharon Hennessey ’82
Janice McLean ’79
Paul Oparowski ’78
Sue Oparowski ’78