Class Officers

Class officers are dedicated volunteers who act as leaders and points of contact for their classmates in both Reunion and non-Reunion years. Class officers are elected by their classmates and serve a five-year term.

Roles and Responsibilities: Class President and Secretary

The class president is the primary leader for the class with specific responsibilities to work with the class secretary and staff liaison in the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement to develop a communication schedule for the class. The president adds input to class communications, including the Web page, and assists in the recruitment of (and works closely with) class agents to support class fundraising work. In the months leading up to Reunion, she/he typically initiates and oversees all aspects of Reunion planning, including recruiting a strong Reunion committee.

The class secretary’s responsibilities include keeping the class informed of events and news, keeping the college updated on class activities, writing an annual request for news from classmates, compiling an annual class newsletter, and submitting class notes for publication in the Bates magazine.

Both the president and secretary are asked to demonstrate their own commitment to the class gift by making a Bates Fund gift early in the fiscal year. Some classes may choose to elect co-presidents who will fulfill the president and secretary roles.

Roles and Responsibilities: Class Leadership Committee

Some classes prefer to elect a committee of four to six members to share the class president and secretary roles, especially if classmates are in a particularly busy period of their lives. Committee members can rotate through the role of chair, taking turns compiling a newsletter or writing a request for news, for example. Committee members are also asked to demonstrate their own commitment to the class gift by making a Bates Fund gift early in the fiscal year.

Roles and Responsibilities: Class Agents

Class Agents are Bates Fund volunteers who play a crucial role in raising money to support the college. You can learn more about the Class Agent program on the Volunteer website.


The class officer election process begins one year following your class’s Reunion. Class officers serve five-year terms, beginning July 1 one year following Reunion and ending June 30 one year after the next Reunion. (This policy went into effect March 1, 2012. Please contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement with any questions or concerns regarding this change.)

In the year following Reunion, your class will be asked to submit nominations for class president and secretary, or committee (it is important to consider, if they are interested in continuing, nominations for current class officers). Once all nominations are received, the Office of Alumni and Parent Engagement will check with each nominee to make sure she/he is willing to serve, then ask each to write a 2-4 sentence statement of interest. Your class will then be asked to vote online. If your class prefers to run a “paper” election, a staff liaison will help you with this process. The results of the election will be announced by mail and/or email.