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The College Key recognizes outstanding Bates men and women, encourages and recognizes student academic and extracurricular achievement; supports academics, athletics and student life; provides student aid, including scholarships and other kinds of financial assistance, serves as a resource for student internships, supports campus improvements and contributes to the general welfare of the college.

Members of The College Key are inducted in their senior year along with a small number of juniors who are selected to the Key by virtue of their leadership in academic and extracurricular work. Alumni are elected each year as well, by virtue of their volunteer work for the college and other achievements. Any Bates alumnus can nominate a fellow alumnus for membership in The College Key.

Your Support is Critical to the College Key — Annual Dues

The programs of the College Key, which further our mission to support students and the college, would not be possible without your contributions. Your support, through the collection of annual dues and other contributions, allows the Key to disburse approximately $20,000 a year to College Key programs, including, scholarships, financial assistance and awards at Bates.

You can pay your 2014–15 dues online via the Key’s secure PayPal account by visiting:

If you prefer to pay with a paper check, please send it to Bates College Key, c/o Liam Leduc Clarke, 1380 Monroe Street NW, Box #324, Washington, DC 20010. If you do not have access to a printer and would like to receive a paper copy of the dues invoice, please contact Amy Connell at or 207-786-6244.

Please remember that support of the Bates College Key should not replace annual support of the Bates Fund, which remains critical to the college’s annual operations.

U.S. healthcare “at a tipping point,” says Heywood Hospital chief Winfield Brown ’89

Winfield Brown ’89, the College Key’s Distinguished Alumnus in Residence, meets with students to discuss careers in healthcare during a campus visit on Nov. 12. (Sarah Crosby/Bates College)

Winfield Brown ’89, the College Key’s Distinguished Alumnus in Residence, meets with students to discuss careers in healthcare during a campus visit on Nov. 12. (Sarah Crosby/Bates College)

By Victoria Stanton. Published on November 15, 2013

“Change is upon us,” Winfield Brown ’89 told an audience of students, faculty and community members in Pettengill Hall in early November 2013.

Brown, CEO and president of Heywood and Athol hospitals in north central Massachusetts, made his declaration during a talk on current trends in healthcare and patient services, part of his two-day campus visit as the College Key’s Distinguished Alumnus in Residence.

Well-timed against the failed launch of the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchange website, Brown’s talk put a fine point on the economic forces influencing hospitals, physicians and even students graduating from Bates.

Incentivizing the “wrong behavior.”

The U.S. model of healthcare incentivizes the “wrong behavior” on the part of healthcare providers, Brown argued.

The model tends to encourage providers to schedule additional, costly and often unnecessary visits and procedures. Instead, Brown believes insurance companies should create monetary incentives for prevention and other cost-saving initiatives.

“We need to keep people healthier,” he said, “and to do that, we have to reward physicians and hospitals for performance.”

The reason healthcare is at a tipping point is because patients are “paying too much for what we get.”

The “changing culture of care.”

Brown noted that more and more Bates students are considering careers as nurse practitioners and physician assistants instead of medical school.

“That’s something you would not have seen 10 years ago,” he said, and it’s all part of what he calls the “changing culture of care.”

Much of the phenomenon is simple economics. In today’s healthcare systems, nurse practitioners and physician assistants draw higher salaries than in years past, work more manageable hours and incur less student debt than physicians.

It is an attractive option for students who want a work-life balance, he said.

Brown, who took time during his residency to meet with students who are interested in medical-related careers, got his own start in the field in 1996 with a nudge from the late Dean of the College James Carignan ’61.

A longtime family friend and mentor, Carignan was on the board of directors at St. Mary’s Health System in Lewiston when he wrote Brown, who was establishing a career in nonprofit fundraising, a note that read, “St. Mary’s needs you.”

Brown went on to accept a position as executive director and vice president of the St. Mary’s Foundation. He still has Carignan’s note.

Brown held leadership positions at Lowell General Hospital and Northern Berkshire Healthcare in Massachusetts before taking the helm at Heywood in 2011. He graduated from Bates with a degree in economics and obtained master’s degrees in business and healthcare administration from Husson University and the University of Minnesota, respectively.

Key Presents Distinguished Service Award to Scott Steinberg ’86

Scott Steinberg ’86, left, with College Key president Liam Leduc Clark ’98 on June 6. 2014. (Sarah Crosby/Bates College)

Scott Steinberg ’86, left, with College Key president Liam Leduc Clark ’98 on June 6, 2014. (Sarah Crosby/Bates College)

After nearly three years in Bates Admission, along with more than three decades connected to Bates, Scott Steinberg ’86 left his role as director of admission at the end of May 2014. Scott joined the University of New England as dean of university admissions, where he oversees undergraduate and graduate admission on the university’s Biddeford and Portland campuses.

After working at Bates in both Admission and Alumni Relations from 1991 to 1999, Scott returned in October 2011 as senior associate dean of admission, admission operations and international enrollment. In July 2012, Scott was promoted to director of admission.

Scott led a team of 17 admission deans and counselors, and collaborated closely with many faculty and staff across campus. Many alumni caught up with Scott as he represented Bates at countless high schools, college fairs and accepted student receptions across the U.S.

During his tenure, Bates saw a record number of applications, as well as increased admission selectivity and yield, and greater diversification of the student body in many important regards. He carried on a long tradition of forward-thinking and principled work in the college’s admission process, one that has gained Bates national acclaim.

Scott, joined by his wife, Sarah McKnight Steinberg ’96, and their daughters, accepted the award. In his remarks, he thanked his colleagues on the Bates Admission staff and members of the Key for their work in supporting Bates.

Bates College Career Development Center Receives Key Support for Student Travel

Each year the dues and contributions made by members of the College Key support important student programs on campus. During the 2014-2015 academic year, the Key provided the Bates Career Development Center (BCDC) $7,000 to support student travel for internships, job and graduate school interviews and other career-development opportunities. More than 20 students received support.

“The College Key’s travel funding makes it possible for students to participate in Career Discovery in Practice job shadows and travel to graduate school interviews and other career related events, regardless of their financial circumstances. We so appreciate the College Key’s generosity,” said Nancy Gibson, associate director of the BCDC. “Thank you for making it possible for more of our students to participate in some of the wonderful opportunities available to them.”

Gibson reports that there are an increasing number of students interested in internships and career exploratory programs with Bates alumni. The college’s focus on Purposeful Work has brought enhanced focus to helping students connect their Bates experience with meaningful career exploration and opportunities. Hundreds of students apply each year for internship and exploration opportunities managed by the BCDC, and countless others engage with alumni informally for advice, connections and employment opportunities.

An alumnus and Key member remarked, “I was really surprised and pleased to hear from so many students last year who were interested in learning about what I do, and how I started and grew my career. These students are so accomplished it’s just a pleasure to speak with them and spend some time thinking about their futures with them.”

Thanks to ongoing member support, the College Key is supporting student travel again this year via the BCDC. Your support of this important program is greatly appreciated by the college, and by the students whose career exploration is made possible by members’ generosity.

Tough Winter Made Warmer Thanks to the College Key

Through gifts to the Key’s Winter Coat Fund, Key members have made it possible for current students who lack sufficient cold-weather wear to purchase coats, hats, boots, blankets and gloves to brave a tough Maine winter. More than a few piles of snow remained on campus in April, a reminder of the months of snow and cold before.

Donations are solicited annually from members of the College Key in addition to annual dues to provide an annual Winter Coat Fund, administered through the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Intercultural Education.

Crystal A. Williams, associate vice president and chief diversity officer at Bates, says that each year the onset of colder weather becomes a challenge for some students who lack the means to purchase the clothing necessities for a Maine winter.

“The College Key Winter Coat Fund offers much needed help to high-need students who are in need of winter clothing,” said Williams. “Students who received winter attire were greatly appreciative. It was exciting watching students from warmer climates learn about winter attire. This fund is an example of the various ways Bates supports all members in its community.”

The Key continues to collect funds from members for the annual Winter Coat Fund, which will ensure students are prepared for the next Maine winter.

Special Distinguished Service Award Presented

Richard Bevins and daughter Katherine Whitaker at the College Key annual meeting at Reunion 2014, June 6, 2014, in Muskie Archives, which included a posthumous award to his wife and her mother, longtime Bates administrator Elizabeth Sheppard. who died in June 2013. (Jay Burns/Bates College)

Richard Bevins and daughter Katherine Whitaker at The College Key annual meeting at Reunion 2014 in Muskie Archives, which included a posthumous award to his wife and her mother, longtime Bates administrator Elizabeth Sheppard, who died in June 2013. (Jay Burns/Bates College)

The College Key presented a special Distinguished Service Award In Memoriam to the family of Elizabeth K. (Beth) Sheppard HC ’54,’57, P’15 at its annual meeting in June 2014. Beth, who passed away in June 2013, was for many years a member of the Bates staff who worked closely with the College Key and served diligently as our corresponding secretary.

Key Matches Class of 2014 to Support the Bates Fund

Following an outstanding Senior Gift effort by the Class of 2013, 91 percent of the Class of 2014 gave to the Bates Fund by their graduation in May — the second-highest level attained by any graduating Bates class. The class raised nearly $10,000 from classmates to support Bates. Members of the Class of 2014 earned a matching contribution of $10,000 from the College Key for the Bates Fund, resulting in a total gift of $19,506.

The Key matched dollar-for-dollar senior class gifts of $25 or more up to $5,000, and provided another $5,000 match when the class achieved 70 percent participation.

The College Key will provide matching funds to the Class of 2015 this year, thanks to the generous support of Key members. The matching funds help the Senior Gift Committee set incentives for their classmates to begin a lifetime of engagement and philanthropy in support of Bates.

The college is grateful for this critical financial support and for the role that Key members play in modeling good alumni habits of philanthropy. Thank you for your generous support of the Bates Fund, and for your support of the Key’s match of the senior class gift!

New Members Welcomed

The College Key inducts new student members during a ceremony in Olin Arts Center on May 23, 2014. (Sarah Crosby/Bates College)

The College Key inducts new student members during a ceremony in Olin Arts Center on May 23, 2014. (Sarah Crosby/Bates College)

At the June 2014 annual meeting of the College Key, the following student members were welcomed to the Key. The students were formally inducted during Commencement weekend activities.

The Key committee on undergraduate members, which includes Bates faculty and staff, selects student members each year. The students were nominated by members of the college faculty and staff based on their academic achievement, leadership and their service to the college and community.

Class of 2014

Class of 2015

The following alumni members were welcomed to the College Key at our 2014 annual meeting in June. These fellow alumni were nominated by their classmates, friends and colleagues in recognition of their continued support of the college. All are active volunteers who serve in many capacities on behalf of Bates. Please congratulate our new members!

  • Elizabeth Levin Campbell ’99
  • John G. David ’64, P’96
  • Donna Waterman Douglass ’89
  • Ashley M. Elysee ’09
  • Ronald T. Green ’64
  • Katanya Hamilton Woods ’74
  • Thomas J. Leonard ’78, P’10, P’15
  • Paul Marks ’83, P’17
  • Janice E. McLean ’79
  • Esther Rosenthal Mechler ’64
  • Christopher J. Murtagh ’11
  • Elizabeth A. Rubino ’64
  • Emma A. Sprague ’10
  • Gregory P. Sundik ’99
  • Anthony D. Timberman ’09
  • Barbara Van duzer Babin ’59
  • Christopher A. Wright ’89

Upcoming Key Events on Campus

New Student Member Induction Ceremony on Friday, May 29
Induction of new student members will take place Commencement weekend on Friday, May 29, 2015, at 4:30 p.m. in the Olin Arts Center Concert Hall. All current Key members are welcome to join these outstanding students and their families as they are welcomed to the Key and the alumni community. We will welcome members of the Class of 2015 and several juniors from the Class of 2016. No prior reservation is necessary, and we hope to see you there if you are in the area!

Annual Meeting Scheduled for June 12
The annual meeting of the College Key will take place during Reunion weekend on Friday, June 12, 2015, from 5 to 6 p.m. in the college’s Muskie Archives. All members of the Key — whether or not you are celebrating a Reunion this year — are encouraged to attend. What a great time of year to pay Bates and Maine a visit! We will be electing a new vice president and treasurer at this year’s meeting, celebrating distinguished service to Bates and welcoming new alumni members. We look forward to seeing you in June!

College Key Executive Committee

Kristin Barber ’07
New York, NY
207-577-2492Vice President
Jeffrey Sturgis ’69
Minot, Maine

Recording Secretary

Courtney Fleisher ’94
Burlington, VT


Jan Face Glassman ’71, P’00
Naples, FL
860-836-0890Senior Advisor
Marianne Nolan Cowan ’92
Lewiston, ME
207-786-6128Staff Liaison
Amy Connell
Lewiston, ME

Carol Spencer ’74
Cedar Creek, TX

We would love to hear from you with your questions and suggestions!