Recent Grant Recipients

The 2012 recipient of the Barlow Alumni Travel Grant:

Mike Cloutman ’77 ┬áis a thirty-plus-year veteran faculty member at Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, New Hampshire. He traveled to Korea for a language and cultural immersion program to help him better serve the many Korean students at KUA and to be able to better serve KUA in international recruiting and relations.

Cloutman Barlow Travel Grant Report

The 2011 recipients of the Barlow Alumni Travel Grant:

Adrienne D’Olympio ’88, a Spanish and ESL teacher at Lyndon Institute in Lyndon Center, Vermont to travel to China to gain valuable insight into the educational environment and culture of the 100+ international students that attend her school annually.

D’Olimpio Barlow Travel Grant Report

George Waymouth ’75, a science teacher at The Key School in Annapolis, Maryland to travel to Tanzania to further develop the Chums Triangular Global School Partnership, a three continent partnership between his school in Annapolis, the Chumbageni Private School in Tanga, Tanzania, and Somers Park Primary at Mavern, Worcestershire UK.

Waymouth Barlow Travel Grant Report