Anna Louise Englund Hanley '93

11 Stoneledge Drive, Portland, ME  04102
・JPN 101 ~ 402, East Asian Studies Major
・JSA at Kansai Gaidai fall ’91, Summer course at Gujo-Hachiman in Gifu, summer ’91
・Thesis in JPN, “二十一世紀の学校教育  (School Education in the 21st century)” [Creative Story]
・Summer Internship at Victoria Sports Company in Tokyo in Summer ’92
・New England Speech Contest in 1993
・I got a job at LL Bean in the fall of ’93, got engaged in ’95, and got married in July ’96.  We bought a condo in Portland, ME, in ’97 and we are living there happily to date!
・How I got my first job at LLBean:
During my interview, I told LLBean’s International Department (customer service) that I thought I would be an asset to their department because I could speak to the customers in their own language.  I got the job on the spot. I was very happy in that job while I was there. I really did feel like I was helping someone every day.  BUT I really don’t think it was just my Japanese that got me the job.  I was honest with those who interviewed me, and I looked them in the eye (very important when going for a job!) and I emphasized that I am a hard worker and also very determined to do a good job.  I told them what values are important to me- like family, friends, the outdoors, and working to one’s potential.  It seemed that LLBean encompassed those same values so it would be a good fit.
・After a while, I was ready for another job. My next LL Bean job was to help LL Bean Japan stores get the LL Bean items that they wanted most.  I was a liason–between the Japanese buyers and the LL Bean buyers.  It was interesting, but not exciting enough for me. I stayed in that job for 2 years until October ’97.  Since then I have been doing my dream job –combining my energy with the outdoors and my love of kids at LL Bean.  I am the developer of Kids Outdoor Programs in the “Outdoor Discovery Program” department.  The activities range from fly casting – to kayaking – to archery, etc.  It is a fantastic,challenge, and lots of fun.  I don’t use my Japanese everyday, but we sometimes take groups of Japanese customers on trips like week long canoe trips, etc.  So on those occasions, I get to use my Japanese while doing my favorite things!
・The hardest thing at Bates was my thesis.  That was a really tough semester to say the least.  [She wrote a long story about a young couple who didn’t like their schools.  She came to see me very often while she was writing her thesis.  Other students said, “Sensei, if you look for Anna Louise, you can find her in a computer room any time.”  She really worked hard on every thing.  I believe that her experiences helped her personal growth and improvement of her Japanese skills.  –Ofuji]
・To a first or second year student, I would say that being honest is the most important value you could hold.  Being honest will help you in every stage of your life if you let it work for you. Your sincerity shines through when developing relationships, and, as a result, your other traits will be obvious as well.  Giving up at something is often not even an option when you look inside and honestly ask yourself if that is really what you want to do.  Good luck!