Jennifer Mooradian Levin '93

・JPN 101 – 401, East Asian Studies
・Bates Fall Semester in Tokyo in 1989; JYA at Waseda University, 91’~92′
・Thesis in JPN, “鋳型と鏡:日本のメディアに登場する女性像(Frame and Mirror: Image of Women in Japanese Media)”–awarded for the best thesis written in a foreign language.  [I remember that Jennifer guided me around Bates, speaking Japanese fluently when I visited Bates for campus interview.  She was one of the most talented japanese students I have ever met.  While she was writing her thesis, we discussed the content and the usage of upper level Japanese language.  She referred some books written in Japanese as source material. –Ofuji]
・I attended law school at Columbia University after Bates. I began work as an attorney in Oct. 97 at a relatively large firm in NYC called Chadbourne & Parke LLC.  I got the job through the recruiting office at Columbia.  The fact that I had some exposure to Japan was extremely helpful in landing a job in NYC.  Law firms consider experience abroad a valuable asset in a candidate for employment.
I was lucky to work for one summer at a law firm in Tokyo called Matsuo & Kosugi.  While it was difficult at first to get assignments because I was not yet a lawyer and because I was not a native Japanese speaker.  People soon gave me assignments that involved Japanese research and English writing.
・The Bates Japanese program was excellent.  The professors are willing to tailor classes to meet students needs, eg. Independent studies was one course offering.  Even now, I socialize with a Japanese crowd at work.  You need good connections to get into the best sake bars in the city.
[Jennifer was not only talented but also made a lot of effort.  I once saw her studying in a classroom by herself after four in the afternoon. Some pages of her English-Japanese dictionary were torn out which indicates how often she has used it   She said she read the Japanese grammar book or textbook repeatedly.  — The result was that she made few basic grammatical mistakes.  –Ofuji]