Academic Clubs

Bates academic clubs seek to enrich the educational experience at the College through academic pursuits outside of the classroom. Through engagement with these student-led clubs, members deepen their understanding of their field of study, explore topics that are unknown to them, and expose themselves to new ways of thinking about issues that are discussed in the classroom.

You may view the list of academic club contacts, advisors, and storage spaces here.

Aerodynamics and Energy Club 

Aerodynamics and Energy Club exists for the purpose of providing our members in the Bates Community opportunities to experience various remote control models including cars, helicopters, and airplanes. We have a RC helicopter, called MJX F645, and are going to purchase more models this semester. Our goal is to introduce our members to the physics and engineering and translating the idea into reality while operating and improving their performance. Moreover, we are going to purchase parts of models, such as engines, wings, and fuselages, and build indigenous and flagship RC products at Bates college. However, the most important advantage of the club is that you will have so much fun with RC products!

Astronomy Club

Astronomy Club is a group of amateur astronomers who are excited to explain the mechanics of the sky. We live for those spontaneous stargazing sessions on the way to Commons or back from sports practice, from the end of Frye St. to the top of Mt. David. The club coordinates events ranging from rooftop telescope viewings and planetarium shows, to lecturers from visiting professors and space-related professionals. We also host overnight and weekend trips to various observatories around New England as well as less light-polluted areas (orchards, state parks, etc.) so that we can see the full beauty of our celestial sphere. All Bates Astronomy Club events are open to everyone.

Bates Classics Society

Bates Classics Society is for anyone interested in talking about Classical studies in a very casual setting.  You can be a CMS major or you could’ve only taken one class in the department but we are hear to geek out about anything from Plato to the Hellenic Period.

Chinese Language and Culture Club


The Chinese Language and Culture Club is a Chinese-speaking environment providing members and students with opportunities to appreciate Chinese culture and language through club events. The club helps Chinese speakers improve language skills by offering highly immersive language environments through Chinese movies and Chinese Table. The club also offers cultural events such as Chinese calligraphy workshops, Chinese cuisine dinner, a Chinese customs show and events related to traditional Chinese festivals. The club serves as an inclusive platform to invite all students to partake in enriching the Chinese language and cultural experience around Bates and have fun at the same time.

Club Med

ClubMed is an organization there to provide an avenue for all members of the Bates Community who are interested in health professions. It gives students the opportunity to learn more about their field of interest and other health professions available today. The club functions as a support network for people interested in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing and all other facets of the health sciences. ClubMed sponsors discussions by people versed in the various fields of interest to assist club members in their choices of health professions. ClubMed also holds weekly meetings to help students decide on classes, get help with applying for internships and jobs, learn about health related issues in the media, destress, and see informative movies regarding health sciences. The club is there as a support group for all students going through the grueling process of preparing and building a resume for graduate school in health sciences.

Fac/Staff Advisor: Karen Daigler

Education Club

The Education Club is dedicated to raising awareness of educational movements through weekly discussions, forums, field trips, and community based initiatives. The club’s intention is to provide a space where Bates students may discuss non-traditional approaches to classroom or academic learning that have produced tangible results in communities throughout Maine, including Lewiston. The topic invariably attracts education students, but most club members join simply because they share an interest in educational issues and campaigns. This club is a great opportunity for anyone intrigued or concerned about what goes on in our schools to take part in holistic discussions about unique and ambitious approaches to how kids and adolescents learn, and what they should be learning

Francophone Club FB-f-Logo__blue_29

The Francophone Club is an opportunity to meet and speak with other Francophone students. It’s open to non-French speakers and anyone who wants to come and discuss about Francophone related topics. Past meetings have included interactive cooking demonstrations of French cuisine while listening to French music. We are non-committment but we highly encourage attending French Table that’s held every week which is a great way to meet other students! With a local French influence in the Lewiston and Auburn area, future meetings include community engaged activities, discussions about current events in Francophone countries, and celebrations of French culture. The Francophone Club is offered through the French and Francophone Department.

Fac/Staff Advisor: Alexandre Dauge-Roth

German Club (Der Deutsche Klub) FB-f-Logo__blue_29

Der Deutsche Kulb (German Club) meets frequently and celebrates the exciting cultures of Germany and other german speaking nations. We host film nights, game nights, seasonal and holiday parties, attend German Table, and inform our members of german departmental events. We have so much fun and always welcome new members (even if you don’t speak German)!

Fac/Staff Advisor: Jakub Kazecki

Helicase Biology Club FB-f-Logo__blue_29

Helicase is the student biology club which provides support, unity, and inspiration for the exploration of biology both inside and outside of the classroom. We enhance communication between students and the department by functioning as an official liaison and sponsoring several student-faculty mixers throughout the year. Helicase provides guidance to students about which natural science major will satisfy their interests best and which courses, regardless of their major, will help them explore their love of biology. Through fieldtrips and other fun activities we expose students to the resources that surround them in the Bates and greater Maine community, and hope to foster an appreciation of biology both on and off campus. We encourage non-biology majors to join!

Philosophy Forum

The Philosophy Forum is for students who are habitually questioning. The purpose of the club is to take the love of learning that all Batesies share, and push it to the next level. Our weekly meetings are opportunities for students to discuss the ‘bigger picture’, to explore existential questions and other profound thoughts, and to entertain others’ views as if they were ones own. We aim to expand not only our understanding of the human experience, but also our curiosity, our humility, and our ability to listen. Our ‘Open Forum’ series is a place where students join with professors, community members, and guest speakers to discuss deep topics of mutual interest. Though the group was founded by philosophy majors, people of all majors are welcome.

Physics Society

The Physics Society’s purpose is to advance and spread knowledge of physics to interested members of the Bates community. We sponsor seminars, video viewings covering all areas of physics, science related trips, and a weekly physics lunch (an informal gathering of physics students, professors, and guest lecturers).

Inactive in the 2015-16 academic year.

Spanish Club FB-f-Logo__blue_29

The Spanish Club is meant as an outlet for the students of Bates who would like to practice their Spanish language skills in a comfortable, fun, and informal way. We host activities such as Spanish movie showings, encouraging discussions about Spanish literature and current events, making classic Spanish food, listening to Spanish music and even going to local Spanish events. The club does not intend to exclude anyone, however we do host our meetings in Spanish.

Tech Club

The Tech Club offers students a place to learn and develop skills related to computers and electronics such as programming and robotics. Join to learn HTML, Javascript, C++, Python, or any other programming language you can think of. Engage in electronic prototyping with open source Arduino circuit boards. Even the sky is not the limit when it comes to learning about the most recent technology and putting that knowledge into practice. In an ever increasing technological world, it is crucial to have an outlet for learning and experimenting with technological skills. Become a member of the Tech Club to join a small but growing number of students interested in pursuing personal and group projects. In our first year as a club, we developed Bates Connect, an iPhone app for Bates students to have quick access to daily campus life information. Learn iOS programming to continue development of this app for the benefit of your peers.

Storage: Chase Hall 207