Please find below important forms for the successful operation of your club:

Provided by BCSG

Application for Additional Club Funding – For when you need some additional funds for club operation, to host events or programs, or to travel to conferences and tournaments.

Club Information Update Form – For when you need to update your club contacts or other club information on file.

New Student Club Application – For when you have a passion or interest that you’d like to form a club about.

Provided by Campus Life

Contract Review Form – For when you are hosting an external entity on campus like a speaker or performing artist, and you need Campus Life to review and sign the contract.

Digital Signage Submission Form – For when you’d like to promote your event or program on the TV screens on campus.

Fundraising Application – For when you’d like to host a fundraiser for your club or for an external entity (like a charity or non-profit organization).

Request for Movie/TV Screening License – For when you’d like to host a movie or TV screening on campus.