Managing Club Budgets


Accounting has two forms to use for reimbursements.  One is the payment request form and the other is the travel expense report.  The payment request form is for reimbursements, for which you would attach receipts to the form, or for payments to speakers, vendors, artists, and other outside entities performing services at Bates.  The travel report is only for travel for which you would also attach receipts to the form. You can also pick up the forms in the accounting office (Lane Hall 217) or at the cashier’s office (Lane Hall 221)


Clubs can get cash advance up to $150 from Kelsey Purinton in Lane Hall 221.

Once you have made your purchase, fill out the payment request form or travel expense report, attach your receipts and have the club treasurer or president approve the purchase. Bring this along with any cash you may have left back to Kelsey to clear the advance.  If someone uses their own funds/credit card to make a purchase they need to attach the receipts to a payment request form, get an approval signature and turn the form in to the cashier for cash up to $150 or to the accounting office for reimbursement by check which will be sent to your Bates post box.  No one can approve their own reimbursement so if the treasurer or president needs to be reimbursed the other officer needs to approve it or the Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life, Kim Trauceniek, or the Assistant Director of Campus Life, Nick Dressler, can approve it.

Larger advances have to have a budget with an approval signature and will be processed as a check payment which you should see Sue Dionne about in Lane Hall 217.


Invoices and payment requests for reimbursements or speaker fees are processed by accounting in Lane Hall 217.  Reimbursements over $150, or under $150 if you prefer a check, should be given to accounting.  The club president or treasurer needs to approve these payments.  Speaker fees or payment for services require a W-9 filled out by the person you are paying.  If you are paying someone who is a foreign national please check with Sue well in advance of the person’s arrival.  There are federal rules that govern if the person can be paid or not.  Accounting will have payroll check their software to see if the person can be paid.  Never pay for services from your own funds.

Other Payment Options

There are charge cards that you can sign out by checking with Monica McClusker, Office Manager at the Campus Store, for purchases at Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Kmart (Sears), Staples or Best Buy.  Once the purchase has been made take the receipt and the card back to Monica and give her the club fund & org numbers to charge the club.

You can also use the Campus Store’s Bates credit card to make online purchases.  Take all the information you need to process the order because you will use Monica’s computer to order.  The credit card does not leave the Campus Store.  You will also need to give her the club fund & org numbers.

If you have other circumstances that do not seem to fit these payment methods please see Sue Dionne in Lane Hall 217.  We should be able to find a payment method that works for everyone.


Ann Lavalliere in Lane Hall 221 takes care of budget questions and requests.  She sends out budget reports each month.  If the officers receiving these reports change please fill out the Club & Org Information Update Form. Your information should be updated within 48 hours.

Turn in all paperwork for payments, reimbursements, advances or travel by Monday in order to receive the checks promptly.

Please contact Sue Dionne ( or 207-786-6169) any time you have questions about these processes.