The Biology curriculum provides a broad exposure to all levels of biological organization through three core classes and a diverse offering of electives and research-oriented coursework.

Stephanie Richards teaching Bio 242

Stephanie Richards on the first day of Bio 242.

The major’s core courses begin with Bio 190 (Organismal Biology – formerly Bio 101), followed in the fall of the sophomore year by Bio 242 (Cell and Molecular Biology) and in Winter term, Bio 270 (Ecology and Evolution). Incoming first year students have a variety of 100-level biology courses from which to choose as their entry point to the major or to satisfy GEC science requirements. Advanced training occurs in a variety of elective courses at the 200-300 level and research-intensive offerings, including Seminar and Research classes and thesis.

The Biology curriculum supports student training with and use of modern biotechnology and instrumentation including PCR, qPCR, electrophoresis, and other molecular techniques, fluorescence microscopy, analytical electron microscopy, flow cytometry, and digital acquisition of data and images. Students and faculty make extensive use of the Imaging and Computing Center located in Coram Library.

Bio 337 – Animal Physiology lab.

Bio 190 – Organismal Biology






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