Sharon Kinsman – Plant Ecology

Dr. Sharon Kinsman, Plant ecology and Conservation Biology

Dr. Sharon Kinsman

  • Sharon Kinsman
  • 207-786-6115
  • Biology
  • Associate Professor
  • Carnegie Science Hall, Room 411

Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University

On sabbatical leave AY2014-15

Professor Kinsman’s research interests are in tropical and temperate terrestrial plant population and community ecology including: conservation of neotropical forests, plant-insect interactions, plant reproductive ecology, interspecific pollen transfer and quality of pollination by insects and birds, history and language of the “interference by foreign pollen” paradigm, density dynamics in dune annuals, and New England forest stand history.  Student projects include beach plants’ reproduction and recruitment, forest stand description and history, community diversity in land trust preserves, and control of invasive forest plants.

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