Carla Essenberg – Plant Ecology

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Professor Essenberg is broadly interested in species interactions and in how mutually-beneficial interactions shape the ecology and evolution of their participants.  In particular, she is interested in what governs variation in the benefits and costs organisms experience from their interactions.  Work in her laboratory focuses on plant-pollinator mutualisms and uses a combination of field studies and behavioral experiments in the laboratory to address two major questions:

1)      What determines whether plants will compete or cooperate in attracting

2)      What selective pressures shape the benefits and information plants provide to
their pollinators?

For more information, see the Essenberg lab website.”


Recent Publications

Essenberg, C. J., R. A. Easter, R. A. Simmons, and D. R. Papaj. 2015. The value of information in floral cues: bumblebee learning of floral size cues. Behavioral Ecology. doi: 10.1093/beheco/arv061. <link to article>

Essenberg, C. J. 2013. Scale-dependent shifts in the species composition of flower visitors with changing floral density. Oecologia 171:187-196. <Abstract>

Essenberg, C. J. 2012. Explaining variation in the effect of floral density on pollinator visitation. American Naturalist 180:153-166.