Robert Thomas – Plant Physiology

Plant growth and development

I sponsored research in most areas of plant biology with special interest centered on plant growth and development. Recent efforts have focused largely on elucidation of mechanisms underlying rapid growth responses, tropisms, nutrient uptake, and control of long distance transport of photoassimilates.

Selected Publications

* denotes Bates student

Thomas, R. J. 2008. Evidence that phytochrome mediates elongation of Pellia sporophytes. The 6th International Association of Lichenologists Symposium and Annual American Bryological and Lichenological Association Meeting, Asilomar, California, July 13-19.

*Woodard, T. L., R. J. Thomas, and B. Xing. 2003. Potential for phytoextraction of cobalt by tomato. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 34(5&6): 645-654.

Thomas, R. J., T. G. *Woodward, and H. A *Rogoff.  2002. Growth and auxin transport in setae of  Pellia epiphylla sporophytes. The Bryologist 105(3): 407-410.

Selected Mentored Theses

Thomas Esponsette (2011) X-ray probe determination of germanium dioxide inhibition of silica uptake in scouring rush.

Rebecca Waldo (2011) Lichen distribution on trees in Thorncrag Nature Preserve

Benjamin Gorbach (2010) Effectiveness of LED compared to grow-light fluorescent light sources for optimal plant growth.