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Greg Anderson

  • Gregory J. Anderson

  • 207-786-6110
  • Biology
  • Assistant in Instruction
  • Carnegie Science Hall

University of Washington BS ’78, MS ’82
in Fisheries Science

Office Hours: Usually best to email ahead for an appointment. Otherwise, I maintain an open door policy for office hours – if I’m in my office, you are welcome to drop in.  Weekly Schedule.

My professional interests focus on biology laboratory education and the development of inquiry-based teaching methods and scientific writing training for introductory and core-level courses. I routinely teach labs in Bio 190 (Organismal Biology), Bio 242 (Cellular and Molecular Biology), Bio 270 (Ecology and Evolution), and Bio s34 (Electron Microscopy). I also function as the scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS) technician, and provide individual tutorials and course-based training (Bio s34 and Geo 223) in the use of the SEM/EDS systems. My background is primarily in invertebrate zoology and marine invertebrate fisheries aquaculture and management.  |

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