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Bio s34 picture

Students in Bio s34 during ST 2013 during a training session on the new FE-SEM.

Two courses -one in biology and one in geology – are offered and serve as the primary mode of training students in electron microscopy and x-ray microanalysis.

Robert Thomas (Biology) teaches Bio s34 -Electron Microscopy, a Short Term course focused on biological applications of electron microscopy, but which includes exposure to light microscopy. John Creasy (Geology) teaches Geo 223 – Rock Forming Minerals and Mineral Assemblages, in which students learn the fundamentals of scanning electron microscopy and then focuses on x-ray microanalysis for elemental analysis. Greg Anderson, Assistant in Instruction in Biology, overseas activities in the lab and assists in any course using the facility, providing much of the hands-on training, and provides outreach programming. Students and staff are also trained via small group or individual tutorials on an as need basis.

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