Meeting Minutes 9/15: A horse with the head of Ben Latham

The first (well, really second) meeting of the BOC began approximately at 6:35 pm and was quite a well attended event. We packed so many people in the meeting room it was most likely a fire hazard, and lets be honest, when was the last time we swept the floor? Sorry guys…

We began with INTROS! Kellen, our fair president, had the rest of the directors say hello and what they’re in charge of. Guess what? Why would I type it all out when Keith has done it all for me? Check out
the list here, under Bates Outing Club: (missingfrom that list is rob “the man” friedman, aka our WEB CZAR. that’s russian for the boss.) (Also missing is Judy Marden, our fearless advisor/boc alum)
After that quick go-round, we had the thousands of BOCers in the room say their name and an outdoor thing they’re interested in (Kellen joked that we couldn’t leave until we learned them all. Fear abounded,
it wasn’t funny.) Popular answers included climbing, and… climbing… and… ice climbing…and whitewater. Mike hopes to rollerblade this year!

A note on gear: If you want something we don’t have, propose it! Do some research about specific prices/stores and bring it to a meeting. The next week, council members will vote on whether or not the club
will splurge. So get those proposals coming… did you know we have $26,000???? OH YA BABY. Lets go to vegas! …To ….hike?

get out your calenders, kids. The BOC has a packed fall. Here are some
key dates:

Saturday 9/18: 80s dance. Okay, not a BOC thing, but Mike and Molly are on call. Call them! Dial 6111 if you’re having too much fun!!! Wednesday 9/22: Advance at the Lean-to. So great. Smores. Stories. (The outing club does not retreat, we advance. so come advance with us to the lean-to wednesday for our meeting!)

  • 9/24-25 KATAHDIN!! Last year, we got 48 people up to the peak. Kellen is competitive, so she insists we get at least 49 up this year. Ughhhh she’s so demanding!
  • 9/26 CLAMBAKE! What a sick weekend. BOC grills lobstah and burgs at the beach for cheapie$ and the whole school goes to hang out for the day.
  • 10/2-3 Sailing trip with Alumni Eric Denny. See trips for more info!
  • 10/8-10 the Presidential Ridge Relay Race!!! Bates always wins most spirit.
  • 10/9-10… these might not be the right dates, Kellen? Sorry? But some weekend around here is PEAKS WKND! Get tons of batesies to the tops of mountains, including internationally!

-Saddleback ski area wants to give you a deal! College passes are $99 for this season, but go up after the 19th. Talk to Mike about it! (
-Keep an eye for student reps selling college passes for Sugarloaf,Sunday river, and Loon for $329. This is the deal of a lifetime. They will be tabling in commons probably starting next week.
-Shawnee Peak wants YOU! to ski so bad they will give all BOCers 1 free day pass. Talk to kellen to take advantage of this craziness.
-If you have whitewater (kayaking and rafting) experience, Hallie ( is interested in talking to you about leading trips. Email her!
-Same goes for climbing! Talk to mike (msagan)
-Nick Marinakis wants to go conoeing and fishing for freshwater bass! But he doesn’t exactly have a plan. Get in touch with him if you too enjoy the pleasures of catching slipperly things that breathe underwater!

-Ben wants 4 season passes to Maine Rock Gym, however, is completely unprepared with prices. But they are sure to be REALLY, HORRIBLY,TERRIBLY expensive. Eh, whatevaaa remember that $26k??
-Hallie wants a whitewater solo boat. We already have one, but it’s ‘bad’ and she can get a good used one for $600-700. She hopes to be able to take the two on solo boat dates. Romantic…
-Matt wants to sell one of our three chainsaws and get a widdle bitty chainsaw to use for trailwork, which will come out to around $100.

-Molly is taking a trip out next saturday for 8 grand day. She and Sarah Charley are doing it up, but they want more leaders (mostly because Molly is a badass and plans on swimming it) They might use a guide service. Email Molly (
-Matt is going to Tumbledown post 80s dance on sunday. He’s leaving from behind commons at 11, which leaves you plenty of time to make the awkward & hungover walk of shame in your denim cutoffs and get ready
for a hike! See the two emails he’s already sent.
-Ben, speaking for jeremy, says that hurricane igor is bringing swell this weekend… “7 or 8ft at 16 seconds” Which apparently means no beginners. I wouldn’t know, seeing that my surfing experience ends with everything I learned from the movie blue crush. Keep an eye out for an email!
-Ursula wants you to get CHAINSAW CERTIFIED! That’s a great thing to put on a resume. Seriously. It’s also required to do trailwork on the AT, and since the AT wants us to help them out so badly, they will PAY for the course which usually is about $130. But don’t bail, because there’s a bear of a cancellation fee, and I wouldn’t want to make Ursula do all that extra paper work… You wouldn’t like her when
she’s angry…
-10/9-10 There’ll be a bit of a work trip doing trail work with a BOC alum! Keep your eyes open for more info later on.
-Judy has this awesome sailing trip on 10/2-3, with an alum who is high up in the outward bound rankings (powerful friends, sweet!). There’s room for 20 people to stay overnight on two awesome sailboats,
eat dinner and hang out. No sailing experience required– there’ll be staff there to assist. Chillin.
-Rob wants to take a midweek, beginners surf trip. It will be kept small and exclusive because Rob is overwhelmingly awesome and can only interact with a few people at a time. Or that surf boards are awkward
to transport and that limits the numbers…

Ohmygod. Sorry that was SO LONG AND BORING! First meeting, had to get it out of the way. Now that it’s over though, get ready for a ZANEY, AWESOME, OUTDOORSY SEMESTER!


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