Meeting Minutes 10/6: Nora is AWOL

Nora couldn’t do minutoes this week so I’m trying to fill her shoes.

A Schwanneeeee rep came today to kick things off–he was named Andy, and he told us all about Schwanneeee peak, a sick ski mountain 1.5 hours away MAX, no more, he promised. They have 44 trails, 19 of which are open for NIGHT SKIING as well. They make lots of snow there, they have a sick park (for you park addicts), the trails are EXTREMELY steep (much too hard for carter–comparable to the Rivah and the Loaf, apparently), and their trails spell L-O-V-E. Since they are AWESOME, they are selling no-blackout-date college passes for 199, or 129 for night passes–There’s also a college pass card for 10 bucks which is 7 off per lift ticket you buy (midweek tix are about 40-50/ day, and include night skiing). Oh, and they’re SO NICE so their giving all BOC members one free night of skiing this season. AWESOME!

Ben wants to have every single BOC member buy a NE college season pass, which is for sunday river, loon, and sugarloaf. They’re available for 339, talk to Mackie or Ben or your other ski reps. Due Nov. 30th. Email with any questions you might have.

Apparently there may be some BOCers headed to the lean to this weekend to chill with rents. Do it. (why this isn’t in the trips section is unclear)

Mike Sagan wants to buy a SWEET helmet cam for around 300 bucks. This would be waterproof, rock-proof, and nuke-proof, and would allow us to document all of our awesome adventures from our noggin-buckets. Vote next week on this.

We also need new NRS straps for strapping canoes, kayaks, and freshmen to the roofs of vehicles. Sarah might just buy them, or else we’re going to vote next week on this.

There is a motion to purchase new gear for the E-Room to make it a place to do work on gear in addition to a place to store gear. Ben is looking into what tools, etc need to be purchased to make this happen, along with Jackson and No-Ah who want bike chain cleaners, and possibly other bike maintenance gear.

Sarah Charley wants to buy a new white water boogie board(s) which will be 200ish bucks, vote next week, though these will be WAY CHEAPER once….

….Hannah “Boundary Waters” Miller has stepped up to the plate to try and get us some sort of “pro-deal” or educational discount from NRS for future purchases. She does not like the nickname Hannah Banana, as we found out when Kellen was subtly trying to figure out her name.

Carter will be leading a crazy canoeing trip this October break down the Alagash Waterway Wilderbeast–erm, Wilderness. It will be a 5 day trip, he thinks. Some light whitewater, couple of lakes, and lots of time spent with Carter. What would be more dreamy?

Only something like going for a romantic walk through Thorncrag with your crush!

You+your crush+your parents+their parents+Alanna+thorncrag= A GREAT PARENTS WEEKEND ACTIVITY!

Alanna will be leading a walk through thorncrag this weekend to give your ‘rents an idea what we’re all about. It will be less awkward than having dinner.

If you want to be more intense with, or without, your parents come worktripping this weekend with either myself of ursula. Ursula will be going up on saturday, and I’ll go up on sunday. Email me if you want to come sunday.

Katahdin next weekend, it will be sick.
Paddle this weekend with Carts, he just sent out an email. Also get to chill with Judy on this trip.
Weekend meeting/celebration coming up. Itsa Gonna Be a Meatsabration. There might be stump involved.
Saturday at 11 AM there will be a presentation about the BOC Today, given by myself, Libby, and Kellen (and anyone else if you’d like to help out). Invite your parents!!!!!

Yesterday there was an AMAZING sunrise paddle (see attached picture) that was gorgeous. Props to those whose alarms went off and came out. It was so curdy.

The trip last weekend to go sailing was apparently sick, though a bit chilly. There were only two frostbite victims, not much sleep was had, they ran aground, and the guide ripped his pants off (followed by Kellen and others) and everyone had an awesome time. They may have seen captain jack sparrow too. It was sick.

Annie will be blogging about the BOC for the rest of the year, according to her helpful personal assistant KC, who informed us that Annie loves to blog, has plenty of pictures and lots of time to fill the blog with. Thanks Annie. Annie also told an awesome story about when she was in Alaska this summer and was running with a couple of wolves when a Kellen’s pet grizzly bear showed up. Buttercup (kellen’s bear) sized up Annie’s wolves and decided he couldn’t take them, so he wandered back into the woods. To hear more stories like this one, go to EnviroLunch tomorrow! Annie will be talking.

Alec “Dredsman” Douglass went back to the San Juan mountains this summer and was so blown away because nothing compares to them. There is everything you could possibly want in those mountains as far as outdoorsy things go. Road trip?

Those are the minutes!

Lots of love,

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