Meeting Minutes 10/13: Making a dress out of yogurt lids

Aw ya, here we go, last meeting before break! Clearly there were some crazy plans afoot, the yogurt fashion was very impressive, but I think Rob’s plans are lookin’ pretty good right now, and will provide a great soundtrack for these minutes.

-Rob’s revamping the website. He and Judy are looking for photos from your BOC adventures! You dont need any text like stories or anything, just a caption of the trip. Send it all along, you know like “KELLEN FELL ON HER BUTT ON TUMBLEDOWN SHE’S SO CLUMSY” or “HALLIE CAPSIZED AT THE SUNRISE PADDLE, ON 10/5 WHAT A KLUTZ!” Email him only CURRENT pictures–
-Also he makes a last plug for SKI PASSES. Still the same deal, $339 for three mountains. Pays for itself! Email or return forms to any reps. Do it asap, because after next week they will make it hard to return them. I think they’re planning on going incognito. Hallie might wear a moustache and Rob is considering a trench coat and fedora. GOOD LUCK! -Hey let’s make TSHIRTS! Kellen says to draw up a design by 10/27 and we might just put it on some SWEET BOC SHIRTS!
-Oh yeah, Polartech is having a cool vid contest for college clubs. Look for an email from Kellen!
-Amanda reminds all field geo kiddos that are going on katahdin to EMAIL KELLEN back! But i think you all have…so.. well done, field geo!
-Matt reminds all that there is a back country preparedness class but he JUST sent an email out about it so read that… All I’ll say is he said you’d get a free tshirt if you signed up in the next four days. That’s incentive enough for me…
-Avi has $200 from LLBean and is looking to trade4ca$h. He says “it’ll be worth your while” and I believe him…

-Mackie wants a bunch of daypacks, she proposes $315 for 4. But then the BOC begin makin deals for ourselves– maybe we can help out Avi, but then Rob pointed out that Marsha Graef (sp?) gets a bean discount (how come she gets a bean discount??) Carter then got really picky about features of said day packs, like would there be slots for water bladders??? Or snack pouches?? All signs point to NO.
-Alanna tried to propose binoculars, only to be immediately shot down by Ellie, who found SEVEN pairs in the Eroom. Along with an 8track player. WTF? The only thing I ever found in the Eroom when I worked there was a troll named flanders…
VOTES: THE HELMET CAM! this is zaney… Lots of discussion, things got out of hand. Matt wanted to document carrying logs and kept repeating the phrase “scenic vista”… EXCITING! I was skeptical. Rob was skeptical, until someone pointed out he could post sweet HD vids to the website at which point he was sold. So it passed! Get ready to come up with good ways to use it. If you email me your best ideas I will keep a running list of ONLY THE BEST ONES. Yes, this is a challenge.

-Mackie and Matt Williams are going the Saturday after break 10/30 to Blueberry Mountain. GET THIS: not only is it a sweet 3.5 mile hike up, but IT iS A HALLOWEEN HIKE IN COSTUME!!!!! Coolest. Idea. Ever.
-Dont forget Katahdin this weekend. See Kellen’s emails!!!
-Sidenote: if you need gear for katahdin, Alanna will be in the e-room from 2-4 thursday for that purpose! Thanks alanna, such commitment.
-Carter’s got this fall break canoe trip going on. He just sent out an email too check it out!
-Matt was thinking doing some climbing at tumbledown on Sunday? That’s a maybe
-Also the Saturday of break an alum is leading a trip up Puzzle mtn and he might go?
-Rob is going to be in NY for break. Will you? Judging by the sign-in, about 85% of you are going to new york so pay attention! He could take you bouldering in Westchester! HE KNOWS THE SECRET SPOTSSSSSSSSSS! Rob WOULD know the secret spots…

-Caroline got her badge by telling a story which she said wasn’t funny, however she couldn’t stop laughing so i didn’t really know what to expect. Basically, it was a camp story about 7 year old babies camping on a cliff in “lightening position” crying and screaming for hours and then they ate cold oatmeal and slid down the mountain on their buttzz. AWESOME!
-Then I told the story about the first time I went climbing freshman year with Rob and Avi and I was supposed to be in the One Acts that night… Funny how I missed them and was crying in a van of upperclassmen that I didn’t know. I’m so embarrassing!!
-Hallie hiked Baldface Mountain last weekend and got pulled over by LADY COPS. On BIKES. They wagged their finger at her. You know what I have to say about that??
-Avi told us of the most annoying austrian in the world who he met in Equador and he was PUMPED when he was rid of her. Thought he’d never see her again, but then in the most remote spot in peru who come running to his side and proceeds to follow him around the next four days?? THE AUSTRIAN! Fancy seeing you here, indeed.
-Alli told us about how she was on Kilimanjaro with her mom and magically understood swahili because mountains break down communication barriers apparently. Point me to that mountain, I gotta learn french before next semester or I”m totally screwed..
-Ashley was doing somehthing called “visions” in the mountains (no, i dont think she means hallucinogens but it sure sounds like it) Hiked to see a meteor shower and got up in the middle of the night, didn’t have much luck. When they hiked down they found out it was the week before. SUXXXX
-Cam, the XC runner, wanted to go for a nice easy run in the ‘daks. OOPS! Ended up running up a 4000 ft peak. In the end, did the three mile loop anyway to go for a dip in a pond. That’s super bad ass, man!
-Ellie wanted to go on an aesop reunion but no one went but the leaders, and there was ice on Lafayette already on 10/2. HAVE FUN ON KATAHDIN!

Alright folks, that’s all she wrote. Rock out katahdin; Send me your best uses for the helmet cam.


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