Meeting Minutes 10/27: Noodles, Flanders, and Garden gnomes, oh my!

-YO! The meathead film was TONIGHT. If you didn’t go, you missed out hxc. Really, HARD CORE. Kellen and I hung up banners, upside down, then we threw swag into the audience, Ben was being the DJ, then we sold raffle tickets, watched an ILL ski movie, then I got to play vanna white and show off raffle prizes (best moment of my life) and Kellen picked the winning tix. We made ca$h money for BOC and a lot of people got free stuff. SICK MAN
-WOW Sunday River is open. BIG NEWS. This is a big incentive to GET YOUR SKI PASS IN!!! srsly. or find any of them ASAP so you can GET SKIING!!! Also Rob says sunday river is coming to campus in ~3 weeks to PRINT PASSES in person. Sweet.
-100th anniversary dinner Friday night. 530-730 in commons 221. Check for an email from Kellen!
-ATTN OFFICERS: we have a meeting tomorrow at 10 pm in FSU. DONT be a baby, get your butts over there. Tell your officer friends. Bring your friendly faces and ideas! I’ll be there, won’t you??
-Mike got sloppy on Mt D last night. More on that l8r…
-EROOM ‘nouncements: they organized the new skis! also most of the boots have been cleansed following the smirnoff ice invasion. Most of them…(ominous) ALSO 20 new pairs of ice skates. perfect timing, underhill is icing itself up. WOW all this talk about ICE… brrrr. . Just to add a little more chill..
-We got the HELMET CAM!! Mike showed off the new technology apparently it has 1080 somethings, dpi? maybe? sounds like tech language to me. That is a language I do not speak. My bad. Can’t wait for some ill vids though! It comes with mad attachments, the possibilities of things we can attach it to are ENDLESS!! Not even surfboards will miss out on sick helmet cam action.
-Mackie had proposed backpacks. After about 40 emails back and forth with Marsha Graef (sp?) she settled on 2 ospreys and 2 beans for $315 (we’re also helping out Avi with his gift certificate!) ALSO can we PLEASE get them embroidered with the patch?? Or at least BOC? Work on it..WEll it PASSED
-Ben proposes $200 for ski/snowboard tuning gear.
-Will proposed a FOOSEBALL table for the Eroom. More deets to follow as research occurs and plans develop… Gosh, the E room is so different from when I was working there… Icing? Fooseball? ORGANIZATION?!?!

-Brunch at the lean to 1030 sunday leaving with Ursula. But she needs drivers!!! Let her know (look for an email?)
-Halloween at Sunday river in COSTUME!!! As soon as Kellen announced this trip she cancelled it because she is an amateur skier and only wants to flaunt her costume. Which is a garden gnome.
-Mackie’s halloween hike! She just sent an email about it so check that out.
-Amanda says oh yes it’s LADIES NIIIIIGHT!!! …at the climbing wall in Merrill. 7-830 she’ll be holding down the estrogen party on thursday, no boys allowed. go like, drink beerz or something st00pid boiiz!!

-Children of midnight kickoff last night!!! I was sleeping… so lame. Drinking on Mt D… Mike almost fell off. There was a life and death battle between Rob, Ben, and barbed wire. They barely made it out alive.
-Ursula had all the trail work equipment in her room (scary stuff like chainsaws and gasoline and axes and stuff, you know, really standard) but then she was ROOM SAFETY INSPECTED! Guess who got everything confiscated… When she went to retrieve her belongings at security, it seemed everyone knew her already as “chainsaw girl from cheney” Maybe this is a new thing you could go by? Just like, make it your thing. “Hey, I’m chainsaw girl… you know, from cheney??” Anyways, once she explained her BOC purposes, everything was chill. Except she has to keep the gas in the basement. LET THAT BE A LESSON TO ALL THE PEOPLE! You can have whatever dangerous implements in your room, as long as you put the GAS in the BASEMENT!!!

Short meeting, huh? HAPPY HALLOWEENER everyone! make sure you don’t get a rock for halloween…


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