Meeting Minutes 11/3: French Forks

Yeehaw it’s NOVEMBER!

-You may have noticed that the meeting room has been rearranged! How exciting. Hansen and Kellen made this little experiment up and will be taking feedback about it. My only issue is that the president can easily kick me in the head. Dont get any ideas here, Kellen…
-Mike baked AMAAAAZING cookies. I had 2. They were so delicious and probably the best part of my day. SO THERE!
-This one will surprise you: RETURN YOUR SKI PASS (oh wait, no it WONT surprise you! we’ve been telling you this for weeks. get it done already you knuckleheads!) The dudes will be on campus the 12th actually printing passes, so get it in asap so it can be processed in time to print/ get on the OPEN mountain.-Friday 7pm in Carnegie 204 is the Outdoor preparedness thing. There’s a few spots left, get at matt baker-white to fill them!
-Matt and Libby gave a slide show at the homecoming dinner, and it was AWESOME.
-We had a zany officers meeting last week. Many things occurred. I ate too much candy, for one. We learned about everyone’s favorite positions! Like, YOGA— HAHA L-O-L. Anyways, biggest thing is that we want a visible BOC board in Commons probably, and Alanna is ON IT like white on rice. Get it gurl.
-We also want ALL TRIPS to be put in the bates daily. This could be as easy as cc’ing Claire Lavallee <> over at the student activities office so it gets put in. Usually we know about trips by the wednesday before, so get it in there! NO EXCUSES.
-Iron Chef, 2 weekends from now. Specifics TBD. Did you know who’s idea this event was? It’s highly contested but since TOMORROW IS HALLIE HERZ’ 22ND BIRTHDAY i will let her have this one and she can take the credit.
-On the subject of Iron Chef, Hansen would be all about a fear-factor style “gross eating contest” Hmm… Don’t know if i’m ready for this, or how much it relates to the great outdoors… vegas, maybe… but BOC?
-We need to vote for new climbing directors. Sigh. The nominees are: Amanda Goss, Avi (wait, jk), Josh?, and Rob (wait, jk). So… might be a tight race… Or an unopposed victory… Who knows…Think about it for a week!
-Rob is organizing an inter-college winter carnival olympic deal. Events include: canoe carry, log toss, fire burning ( aw yeah), water boil?? He needs a team to help him! they all met post-meeting but get at him if you want to get on board.
-Budget checkin time! We have $18k left. A little lower than usual… van rentals are super high (due in part to the lobster smell fiasco) so just be mindful and don’t be lazy. Yo, lets be thrifty, cool?

-last week ben proposed tuning stuff. IT PASSED (even though ben wasn’t here. ben, I missed you)
-E room wants all sorts of things. Fooseball table (this is being worked on still). Also table saw for $250. Also they wanted a minifridge but they immediately were offered like 12.
-Rob thinks orange vests are not only necessary (happy hunting season!) but totally in style this year, they were spotted on the runways in paris, new york and milan. They cost like 3 dollars so he’s just gonna get 10.

-Ladies night at climbing wall tomorrow 7-830. Well, it’s not super exclusive… but no naked dudes allowed. Only me and kellen are allowed… to be naked…

-Mike was in a pretty serious climbing accident. When he told this story I almost started to cry because I love Mike and don’t want anything bad to happen to him. He is alright, and managed to escape with only a concussion, but urges everyone to consider his story a caveat: freak accidents CAN and DO happen, even to the most experienced people. We’re all really glad you are okay, Mike. Especially me. What would my parents say? They’d be all “well, now you’re definitely never getting married. he was your only option” JUST KIDDING! ..sort of.
-Amanda went to central cascades over the summer with her beast of a hiker 45 year old aunt who was a bit of a badass… they hit up a volcano and got stuck in a mt.doom situation and had to turn back just before frodo and sam got the job done. Sounds… ominous.
-Halloween hike was “wholesome.” It snowed. There was a christian retreat that gave them orange vests and hats– so friendly! Rob wore an american flag.
-SPEAKING OF CHRISTIAN RETREATS… hallie interrupted to offer a story of the miserable 20 days she spent with 5 15 year old boys last summer. They had a long por-taaage (pronounced like frenchy canadians, duh) and a retreat was out there being unsafe over a waterfall and then shit hit the fan cause her kids fell in the water and sucked. She lost her favorite paddle. Bummer. HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY.

Well folks, that’s all she wrote. She being me. That’s all that I wrote.

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