Meeting Minutes 11/10: 2 Words- Werewolf Kibble

Our meeting tonight began with a SURPRISE!! visit from Shauna from Wilderness Ventures. It’s a summer program that leads trips in pacific northwest. I believe she intended to project a flashy slideshow but alas, our meeting room lacks a projector (or a black white wall). Check out for more info?

Then we got started. Hi BOC! Hope you’re having a nice day. I’ve been cramming for my human repro exam tomorrow. I’m telling ya, nothing is unsexier than studying sex. Seriously…

-Ben announced a ski movie “THe Way I See It” tonight at 730. I hope you went!! I bet it was gnargnargnargnargnar. Gnar?
-He also says “get your passes in.” So does Rob. I’m telling you guys, it’s getting really repetitive. I simply cannot understand why you wouldn’t pass it in yet!! Also if you got your pass in by tonight NOVEMEBER TENTH, you will be able to get it printed next Wednesday somewhere outside of the E-room. (yes– that’s right, get ready to take your glamour shots as well as marvel at the process of printing plastic!! right here on our own alumni walk!)

-There’s a BOC calender in the works. If you’re interested in being the talent, email me for more info. intentionally cryptic.
-Amanda is worried about Higgins beach!! Look for an email sent last week to the listserv describing how they’re trying to eliminate ALL parking… that means NO SURFING! There’s a petition at Cordury surf shop in portland– sign it. Brian already did. While this happened, apparently an old lady who lives nearby took pix of him changing to prove the indecency of surfers errrywhere. Thanks a lot, BRIAN! Ps can we get our hands on those pictures for the calender COUGH i mean archives?
-Look for an email from Rob about an upcoming Ronj-ly located meeting about the inter-collegiate olympics during winter carnival. He wants to assign titles and positions! I love titles and positions! No really, it’s embarrassing how much I do.
-IRON CHEF is this weekend– Sunday sunday sunday! Whisperlite stove cookin’ competition with a secret ingredient. (on iron chef it’s ALWAYS octopus. can we get our hands on some of that?) Creative team names required. Look for hallie’s email from like two days/one day ago?

-Ben finagled a 15% discount off the waxing stuff we voted on last week. I figured it was due to his charming demeanor or maybe a little sumtin’sumtin’ but alas, he just knows a guy who knows a guy.
-Ben proposes ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS for…. (there was a dramatic pause here) 3,4, maybe even FIVE new (but rental condition) snowboards and bindings. They’d be better than our tiny fleet of vintage 1998 boards. Think on that BOC! $1000
-Mike takes this time to remind us that BOC will be taking advantage of cosponsorship again to make our gear dreams come true. Does that mean we can have a snowcat for Rob? What about the trampoline for Kellen? Can I have a snuggie?
-A girl named Mia proposes tele knee pads. $100-300 for 10 pairs. This sounds safe. I like safety. So I like knee pads. Yeah.
-More discussions about the fooseball table for the Eroom, which apparently looks pretty sweet these days. It was here, while discussing “fun purchases” that Rob’s inner longing for a snowcat emerges..With that in mind, we should def hit up Black diamond custom cats, amiright??
-Lets vote on the table saw from last week. Kellen and Ben made mike make a very thorough presentation on his plans for this saw…. that most likely is already sitting in the E-room.

-Ursula is in all likelihood headed to the lean-to for Sunday brunch. keep an eye out for an email
-Saturday, portland climbing? Who was this? Kellen maybe?
-ALSO climbing, Mackie and KC are headed to p-land as well, on Monday or Tuesday, but their trip involves elaborate ice cream thingys afterwards, which sounds really rewarding. Keep an eye out!

-Josh observed a beautiful sunset on Mt D, with oranges and pinks! whee!!!
-Molly worked at a park in alaska this summer leading trips. There is a thing called a Mulan (spelled wrong, dont care, because I bet it’ll make a man out of you anyways..) that is a big hole that advanced peeps can climb out of. JUDD POINTDEXTER was elaaaaated as he came forth from the Mulan, but then said it was the third coolest thing ever. Obviously intrigued, the crowd listened as Judd informed them that the first was his first piece of ass (nice, bro!) and the second was  class five fire fight. Well gee, Judd, what’s that? Apparently it’s a fight where when you come out, no one else is left standing. Turns out he wsa pretty creepy and crazy,he’d killed a man every way except with piano wire. uh…
-Judy explains Ma Bell award: 1981 2 dudes riding bikes, one collides with a telephone truck and the piece of the bike that is mounted as the award was all that survived (well, so did the guy). There’s a second story invlving streaking, but … well.. the important thing I learned is that APPARENTLY bates is NOT a clothing optional campus??? This is news to me. Someone told me this as a freshman probably as a hoax, and now I know the truth..Apparently this rumor was dispelled last year by the frisbee team “the hard way.”
(You get the award if you get your “bell rung” ding ding by doing something BAMF or just ridic)

WAIT, stop the presses, call the police and the fire department!! We forgot about climbing directors! (sorry for all the hubub, but it was a very stressful moment for me)
-John came to America (?) and climbed outdoors, it was beautiful. Mike vouched for him, he seems legit.
-Amanda’s got spirit AND came up with ladies night. Winner in my book.

-Xena (or Zena? Zina?) or TREES got her nickname on AESOP because in her native Houston all the trees apparently are dinky and covered in metal (are they robot trees? i’m confused) Throughout the trip she kept repeating “OMG i’m in xmas tree forest!!!” hence the nickname!

after the meeting kellen and I ate cupcakes and werewolf kibble. Where were you? You were totes invited.. We aren’t exclusive or anything … Nothing like


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