And we’re BACK! Meeting Minutes 1/12

The subject of this email is TBA because a meeting of the minds must occur before the snow sculpture theme is decided.

This BOC meeting was especially epic for the following reasons:
-I now get to sit in the secretary chair so I can show up late and still have a seat.  Awesome.
-A butt-ton of people showed up.
-It was really long.
-A lot of people want to go ice climbing.

Okay, now down to business.
-A few things happened before announcements.  Ben got to use his new authority to quiet everyone down and ask us about a winter sport we want to do.  Highlights include dogsled kayaking, ice kite surfing, and Mike “Couch Potato” Sagan told us he wants to go scuba-diving in the puddle during Puddle Jump.
-John got his secret satan gift from Will.  I wasn’t paying the closest attention but I know that he and Will are going to go on a MAN DATE to Sugarloaf.  Jealous.

Rob “I LIVE AND BREATHE WINTER CARNIVAL” Friedman told us all about…yep, Winter Carnival, which will be occurring next week.
TUESDAY:  3pm on the Quad:  EPIC snow sculpture building.  With refreshments.
WEDNESDAY:  3:30pm on the back of Mount David:  sledding, tobogganing, boarding, and skiing off of jumps.  According to Rob, this will be dangerous.  Plan accordingly.
THURSDAY:  3pm on the Puddle:  Pond hockey and open ice skating.  With refreshments.
FRIDAY:  (this, my friends, is the BIG DAY.  You know what I’m talking about.  Yep, it’s my mom’s birthday.)
Just kidding.  It’s (Newman Day) PUDDLE JUMPPPPPPPPPP!  All right.  At 3pm on the Puddle.  Also, there will be refreshments.  That means TWENTY DOZEN COOKIES.  That’s a lot of cookies.  I’ll have a cookie-eating contest if anyone is interested.  Winner gets to push the loser into the puddle.
Also on Friday is the TORCH RUN from Augusta to Bates.  Email Mackie,, if you’re interested.
-Volunteers are needed for every day.  Especially Tuesday night for snow shoveling for the snow sculpture.  Volunteering counts as a work trip.  Email Rob,, if you wanna come help out.  That includes operating heavy machinery, but Ben told us in a public service announcement that you can’t use the ice auger if you’re participating in Newman Day.  Papa Paul Newman would not approve.
(This was when Mike asked me, WHERE IS MBW???)

-The Intercollegiate Winter Throwdown Fest:  we’re being held back by logistics at the moment but watch out for an email.

-OH, and we’re gonna have a HUGE BALLER BONFIRE during winter carnival.  We’re going to be burning big things of wood.  Or something.  But it’s gonna be big.

-I talked about the paddling trip in April.  If you’re interested and haven’t emailed me, please email me.  It’s going to be the best trip ever.

-Sarah Charley talked about TOUGH MUDDER, which sounds really really epic.  Apparently we can get a huge discount on entry fees if we volunteer the first day and then race the second day.  It’s in Vermont, it’s 8 miles, and “absurd.”  Ben tells us it’s perfectly acceptable to be drinking beers when you do it, but I guess not if you’ll be operating an ice auger during the race.  To cross the finish line, you run through fire.  That sounds cool.  It’s during Short Term, the weekend that has May 7th in it.  Training includes running through fire, over coals, and playing dizzy bat.

JESUS MARY AND JOSEPH (AND MOSES AND MY DOG TOAST) this email is incredibly long already and I haven’t even gotten to gear yet.  I take some of the blame but mostly it’s because this was a really long meeting with a lot of stuff.

-Cam told us about some dog breeders he knows that live about 10 minutes south of here.  THIS IS WHERE WE CAN GO DOG SLEDDING.  PICK ME, CAM, PICK ME!  Watch out for an email.  And puppies.

-Mandorf talked about an Avalanche 1 Cert course in Early Feb, the weekend before break.  It will be Friday after classes through Sunday, and it’s $230/person if the class is filled (it’s usually $300).  Email
-Jeff had the idea to do an “anything but a sled” race.  We’ll do it in the Intercollegiate Winter Throwdown Fest (that takes me like ten minutes to type).

GEAR! (we made it!)
-I proposed $400 for outfitting boats, food, and gas for the canoe trip in April.  Also $900 for two whitewater canoes.
-Chester proposed $400 for new climbing features for the climbing wall.
-Hansen proposed a bunch of E-room stuff.  It was awesome, because we have all of it already!  YEAHHHHH
-Ban made an announcement (ooooops)–E-room get-together on Saturday at 8pm.  Bring your friends.  THere will be stump and cleaning up.  SO FUN!
-Colin proposed 2 drytops for winter paddling.  About $200 apiece.

(This was my favorite moment of the meeting)
-Alex “Stickers” Friedman asked if there were any stickers left.  THere are.

-Ben is going to Sunday River on Friday, leaving at 10 and returning around 4 or 5.  He has a few spots.  Email him,
-Judy Marden tells us that it would be really sweet to snowshoe or ski to the lean-to, which segues nicely into Hansen’s trip, which he is leading to the lean-to on Sunday.  This trip would be good for people who want to learn how to ski.  You can rent ski equipment at the e-room on Friday.
-Ethan Emerson is taking a day trip to Tuckerman’s on Saturday to hike but not to ski because there are scary avalanches.
-Dorfman is going to Acadia Sunday-Monday.  I didn’t write down what he’s doing there.  Oops.
-Annie Cravero is leading a trip at some point this weekend to go XC skiing at Lost Valley.  Also a good trip for beginners.
-Molly Mylius is going to lead a trip to Shortridge at some point to go on a moonlight ski to the beach.  It’ll be awesome.  I want to go.  Watch for an email.
-Will is going to Sunday River Saturday or Sunday or both.  Soon he will just live there.  He’ll send out an email.
-KC and Mackie and Mike are going to the rock gym on Monday.  THey have one spot.

I told a story about crazy drinking Russians I met over break up at the camp where I work in Northern Ontario.  The story involved lots of vodka, a small dog, and a 250lb Belarussian dude named Paul who drank rubbing alcohol mixed with beer.  It was a sweet vacation.

Blake told a story about how he and his friends (“12 grown men acting like little boys”) (wait if you guys are grown men, does that mean I’m an adult?  I hope not) played a bunch of hockey and had sweet gear even though they were all hockey newbs.  Then they wanted to take a group picture and they got together and posed AND THEN THE ICE CRACKED AND A MILLION OF THEM FELL THROUGH THE ICE AND IT TOOK 3 HOURS TO SAVE PEOPLE.  Epic.  AND, the picture was taken and it shows a guy falling through the ice.  Ballin.

Ben says we’ll have another meeting for all of Dorfman’s stories.

So, there you are.  My first minutes.  I tried my best.  I hope you all like them.  Especially Kellen, who is waiting with bated breath in the darkness of Alaska for them to reach her.

I apologize profusely for the length of this email.

Love and kisses,

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