Meeting Minutes 1/19: Rob “The Bruce” Friedman

Rob “Silvergoat the Bruce” Friedman

Hello again!  It’s another week, so I’m writing another minutes because I love you all so much and am so dedicated to my position as secretary.  Also, because I don’t want to do any homework and this feels like a legitimate use of my time.

-Tonight is ski jump!  Or was ski jump, so I guess this is belated.  But it was awesome and people shredded the gnargnarpow and no one sacked themselves or ran into the new dorm (as far as I know), so that?s a plus.  Also, I heard people were makin out on Mt. David, so SOMEONE’S GETTING MARRIED.
-Tomorrow was/is supposed to be skating on the puddle but Rob “powder slush” Friedman tells us that the new powder is insulating the slush.  Apparently this is not good.  There might not be skating.  Watch for an email?
-BUT, Puddle Jump is ON unless there is a blizzard.  In which case the combination of the weight of the snow and the weight of all the Batesies clamoring to jump will combine to create chaos and we?ll have a school-wide simultaneous puddle jump.  I think that sounds kinda cool.  But it will be at 4pm on Friday.  And Rob wants lots of help.  We’re calling it:
-ROB “Dumbledore” FRIEDMAN’S ARMY.  On Friday, meet at the e-room around 1:30 if you want to help drill holes in the ice and shovel the puddle.
-Apparently there’s a hole in the puddle already?  Way to go, geo students.  Messing everything up.
-There will be a bonfire next to Page.  It’s gonna be the biggest ever and the fire department will be there and our buddy Jim Guzelian.  Jim, according to the Bates website, not only deals with student safety and fire and building safety, but also HAZARDOUS WASTE.  No joke.
-Torch run will begin at 3:45.  Sadly, the runners will not be naked.
-Mandorf tells us the avalanche course is on Jan. 30th.  Email him

-Mike Sagan hates canoeing and also Bowdoin, and therefore is not in favor of buying used canoes from Bowdoin.
-We passed $900 for 2 whitewater canoes and $400 for the April canoe trip.
-Molly Mylius proposed 4ish skate skis and boots and poles and all that jazz.  Also, clamps for waxing said skis.

There is a forgotten BOC position called “The Environment.”  That’s what Rob “the environment” Friedman called it anyway.  I think it’s actually “Environmental.”  Apparently, the BOC has a history of being “sustainable.”  But Rob “BEAM” Friedman doesn?t know what that means.  ELANA, EMMA TIMBERS, KC, SAEBYUL, and ABBY have nominated themselves.

-Mandorf is taking a trip to Morse Mtn on Sunday to ski to the ocean.  Funny story, when I wrote that email the first time, I wrote “MANdorfma2″  Ha.  He wants to ski to the ocean.  Sounds fun.
-Will may or may not be going to Sugarloaf this weekend depending on how fun the weekend is. Cool.
-Ursula is taking a XC trip to Lost Valley Friday night.
-KC and Mackles are taking a climbing trip Tuesday or Thursday.
OUT OF PLACE ANNOUNCEMENT:  Ben and Molly “safety” Newton are looking for Coordinators and Ass. Coordinators for AESOP.  Rising juniors for Ass. Coordinator and rising seniors for Coordinator.
-Rob planted a very, very early seed (gross) about Powershift. Go to the BEAM meeting tomorrow night for more details.
-Mike wanted to know what environmental racism was.  Rob will tell you later?

-Emma Timbers told about a friend of a friend who was getting married in Scotland in a castle and they were called and asked to change their date because there were other people who wanted to get married at the same time.  They were like, NO WAYZ.  But then the other people offered to pay for the drinks at the wedding (NO); the food and drinks (UH, NOOO); entire wedding, food, and drinks (NOT EVEN); and then their entire wedding, food, and drinks and buy them a house.  OKAY!  The generous people turned out to be POSH and DAVID BECKHAM.
-Rob told a story about a stupid kid diving into a rotting manatee in the Everglades (and he wanted to make sure we knew where those were?).


love and kisses,

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