Meeting Minutes 1/26: Urban Sherpa Shaman

I’ll start out this email briefly stating that today I asked everyone what I should do for my career after Bates.  The winner is the subject line, but some other faves are:
-being Ellie’s best friend
-Keith Tannenbaum’s understudy
-haunting a spooky house
-dropping ice axes (into the puddle like I did last Friday…shhh).
Thanks guys, looks like I’m gonna be making bank post-college.
-Rob stopped biting his nails!  OMG I’ve been waiting so long for this!
-We’re sharing a van with the PE department!  The van’s in Merrill parking lot and the key is behind Merrill front desk; just send an email out on the list serve saying you’re taking out the van and for what purpose, and go sign ‘er out (ask the person at the front desk)!  Here are times you can’t use the van:
Monday 12-12:30, 6-9
Tues 11-1
Thurs 1:30-4:30
There’s a clipboard in the van to record mileage–do it.  Fill up the tank and then give Ursula your receipts.
-Rob wanted to thank everyone who helped out at Winter Carnival, especially Puddle Jump.  As I yelled to Michael Ready in the middle of his class on Friday afternoon, we had a bit of a “PUDDLE JUMP EMERGENCY” and almost didn’t get the hole made in time. But, as you might have noticed, we persevered.  Sick.  GOod work, team.
-If you’re missing anything, talk to Keith.  Apparently people left things like laptops and (small children) mittens.
-Tomorrow night, meeting about Powershift in Keck classroom 7:30.
-Van cert class tomorrow night, email Adam Mayo.
-Any ideas for what we can get to thank Jim Guzelian for SAVING PUDDLE JUMP?!  A facial?  Ice bath?
-Next week, Thursday or Friday, Skill and Grill at/behind 280.  Beer garden?  Maybe.  Grilling fo sho.  JUmping off the ski jump.  YEAH.  SOunds good.
-Ben brought up changing the meeting time from 6:30 to 7:30.  Personally, I am so against this I almost didn’t put it in the minutes.  But whatever.  Yeah.  Whatever.
-We approved $400 for 2-3 new features for the climbing wall.
-Avi proposed some back country ski gear.  He prefaced it by saying it’s expensive.  Cool.  ~$1200 for 4 avalanche beacons, 4 shovels, and 4 probes (I’m again showing my maturity level by being the only one to think the word “probe” is funny.  Ha.).  Hopefully we can get the skis through our co-sponsorship.  People asked if it would be ok to get fewer avalanche beacons and Amanda told us her dad would say, “depends on who gets buried.”  I think it was funnier at the time, though.
-We voted and passed $750 for 3 dry tops (yeah!), but we’re not going to buy them till later because Ursula said so.  But she is not a dictator.  Just smarter than the rest of us (fo realsies).
-Colin will be doing some rolling clinics in the pool in February.  Watch for an email.  Come watch me get water up my nose.
-Elana proposed $300 for an e-room dog (apparently this was Will’s idea).  I’m down.  But then they decided on a fish.  But I like dogs better because they like me better.
-Gretchen brought up t-shirts.  I’m psyched.  I like t-shirts.  I also like the BOC.  What a good combo.
-Ben is going to Sugarloaf either Thursday night or Friday morning to do some sweet glade skiing.  2 spots +/-.
-Ursula’s going xc skiing at lost valley Friday night, watch for an email.
-Colin is going to the loaf on Saturday and has a couple of spots.
-Mike is going to Hermit Lake Shelters at the base of Tucks on Sunday.
-Sam is going to Higgins beach tomorrow to surf, but it’s gonna be “pretty big and pretty shitty.”  2 spots.
-Trees talked about how on Friday night, she and some friends went up to the top of Mt. David and wanted to make a campfire.  It was a struggle and they ended up sacrificing a textbook and a bunch of hand sani.  Yum.  But don’t worry, it was only a “feminist textbook, no big deal!”
-Saebyul talked aboout how puddle jump made her remember swimming in the Arctic Ocean (no biggie) and getting frozen hair and showering in her friend’s shower.
-Colin talked about the time he met his spirit animal, which happened to be a dead, bloated cow carcass.  Or something.  But for real, Colin was hiking in New Zealand and it was snowing like crazy and the moon was out and Colin and his friends didn’t need their headlamps and they followed a cow for awhile–apparently cows hike–and then all 8 inches of snow that fell melted by noon the next day.  And then they found a dead cow (another cow??  I thought New Zealand was all about sheep?) and threw boulders on it which made “the coolest sound when they hit it!”
Also, first officers meeting on Monday at 8pm, Frye St. Union.  Be there.  Except Ursula.

Gahhhh, another overly-long email.  From my heart to yours.

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