Meeting Minutes 2/2: A Dinosaur on an Island

HEY GUYS! It’s Wednesday, which is everyone’s favorite day because THEY GET TO READ MY MINUTES!  You’re so lucky.  I wish I got to read my minutes for the first time, like you’re all about to do.  Also, I’m in the lib and I just heard a duck quack.  Please explain.
Also, the subject line is what we’re gonna get Jim Guzelian for saving Puddle Jump.  They were two separate suggestions, but I liked them both oh so much.  Also, we could get him a rainbow fire blanket, polar bear print speedos, or a Jim Guezillionaire rap (“I wanna be a gym Gazillionaire, so friggen bad…”).

HOKAY.  Announcements:
-A couple cross country skied, rafted, backpacked, and rode dinosaurs from Seattle to Alaska, and they brought along a camera!  They made a documentary, want to show it at Bates for freezies!  Sounds like a good idea.  After that I wrote, “email with a nice little trailer.”  Decode that for yourselves.
-Ben thinks we should all go to Mt. Abrams, which is on the way to Sunday river.  They’re only open Thursday through Sunday, and it’s 20$ AND it’s 2 for 1 on Thursdays?first tracks!  Oh baby.
-Skill and grill tomorrow!  6:30-10 behind New Rand.  Check out the Facebook event Stickers made.  So offic.  Rob needs a bunch of people to help out, meet at 5:30 at the e-room.  He also needs help for clean-up.  But, apparently that’s what Environmental is for.
-BOC naked calendar?email me with ideas.  We need 11 more months.  If people don’t email me, I’ll start volunteering them, based solely on my whim.  And my whim is a dangerous thing, especially when it includes naked calendars (for some reason, I wrote “dinosaurs” instead of “naked calendars.”  Hm.).
-Sarah charley talked more about the Tough Mudder race.  It sounds SO sick. It includes events like monkey bars coated with butter and a walk over a field burning with kerosene.  Good thing I have fireproof feet.  Also, you get a free tattoo if you complete it.  Cool?  It’s at Mt. Snow in Vermont over the first week of Short Term.  Email Sarah Charley <> if you’re interested.
-We voted on the Environment position.  Check it out if you’re curious as to what it entails.  Watch for an email from Ben to see the winner.


-Last week Avi proposed $1200 for avalanche equipment for back country skiing:
Amanda told us all about a sweet deal:  this store up in Orono, Alpenglow, is offering the BOC 25-30% off anything we buy!  Chyeah!
The owner is also offering to open the store up for us one evening for personal gear shopping for 25-30% off!  LET?S GO SHOPPING!
-But, anyway, we talked about Beacons, probes, shovels for $1200.  We talked about it for awhile.  We talked about the danger of buying back country or expensive equipment because tends to disappear quickly.  We also talked about if the BOC should be buying specialized gear that not everyone can use.
-So, we voted it down and decided we’ll rent avalanche beacons because that’s pretty cheap.  Cool.  Tension abated.  More or less.
-BIG NEWS:  We now ACTUALLY have 4 passes to the Maine Rock Gym!  All ya gotta do is show up, and show your Bates id.  You can?t have more than 4 people go in one day.  Naw bra.   Don?t do it.  Send out an email if you?re gonna go so people know that they can’t.  They’re good through the beginning of May.
-Safety Conor went through the first aid kits in the E-room.  Apparently all of our stuff is 8-9 years old, and all epipens expired 6 years ago.  That’s cool.  Mike suggested playing epipen tag.  It’s a dangerous game, but only because I’m really good at it.
-Conor suggested 5-10  new kits, about $30 each.  Then he said, ?I can make an itemized list for next meeting.?  This kid is pro.  He’s on top of his game, AND he comes to meetings!  Ben mentioned that that he’s setting a new standard for our safety director.
-The PE coach for the tele ski class wants us to get leashes for skis–$15/leash
-Rob’s buying two spotlights for tomorrow!  $100 for the 2.   Passed.

-Colin’s going to Sugarloaf Saturday, bringing a van!  Leaving 7:30/8am.  Watch for an email.
MBDUBS:  “I?m not doing anything Tuesday or Thursday, so if anyone wants to do things with me, let me know!”  If you want to hang out with MBW on Tues or Thurs, shoot him an email, <>.  But, he actually might go snowshoeing on our section of the AT, watch for an email.
=Josh might take a van to Sunday river on Friday, leaving aroudn 11:15.
-Ursula is going xc skiing, Friday night, 7pm.  It’s a tradition!
-Sam is going to Sugarloaf Friday, 8-8:30.  4-ish spots.  Watch for an email?
-ManDorf is going to Tuckermans, I think on Sunday.  Watch for an email.


(I didn’t get all of the story because Mandorf talked real fast) Dorfman went hiking in New Zealand.  He and a friend hiked down the side of a glacier and camped at the bottom of a gully.  When they woke up, his friend realized his crampons didn?t have toe picks (GAHHH) so Mandorf had to cut foot holes in the ice for him (with his TEETH).  Then they found the wrong trail, had to shimmy up ice (NAKED).  And then they had to run across the snow below an incoming avalanche.  Or something.  But it was unsafe, so that’s why we should all take avalanche courses, so we don’t make the same mistakes!  Lesson learned.

This, again, is why I don’t do homework Wednesday night.  It’s all for you (all three of you who read the minutes…)



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