Minutes 3/9: Deep Breathing

Ok so last week, Molly Mylius told me my minutes were too-self deprecating and they made her sad.  I’ll try hard to be kinder to myself this week, but before I begin that endeavor, I have to throw in that again, I SUCK, because I forgot to make an attendance sheet for this week’s minutes.  oOOOPS!
Also, this week’s meeting was located in Crazytown, USA (as opposed to Crazytown, Canada, or Crazytown, Kiribati, both of which exist).  Everyone was reaaaal riled up.  It was excessive.  I’m not going to lie to you and say that I wasn’t also riled up, because I most certainly was.

-We have the newest issue of THE MAINTAINER, which is the newsletter of trail maintenance?  AKA the hottest publication to hit the shelves.  Apparently, there is an annual meeting of trail maintenance stuff that cabins and trails directors are gonna go to.  BUT cabins and trails were absent at the meeting.  AWKWARD.
-Also, over the summer, there are group trail maintenance trips if you ever have a hankering for cutting branches and stuff.
-Ben met with someone in the alumni office about the end of the year banquet.
We’re going to be honoring Judy!  Because she?s actually retiring.  For real, what will we do without Judy?
Also, an alum might speak.  If you have any suggestions, reply to this email.
-Ben?s good friend Cody Newman is going to WWOOF in south America over the summer in June/July?if anyone wants to join him, email him, cnewman@bates.edu
-Check out Ben’s email about Camp Tapawingo-it looks pretty sweet.  Although you have to be over 21 to work there.  BUT DON’T WORRY, EVERYONE!  Colin will be 21 this weekend!  You can breathe a sigh of relief.
-Hey!  It’s another Powershift announcment!  If you want to come to Powershift, everyone can go.  Meeting today G61 at 6:30.
-Colin and Sarah Charley are doing roll clinics this Sunday?watch for emails from Colin.  It’ll be 2 hours, 3-4 people per hour, 10am-12pm.  Although this is the morning after Colin’s 21st birthday party.  You can make your own conclusions about what that might mean.
-A few of us had an idea about BOC flannels!  Stickers and Gretchen will look into it.  RIGHT, RIGHT??!  NO, really, please do.  I want a frannel!
-MBW said that one of the people who responded to his email about WFR was from Northeastern.  Which is weird; I’m not quite sure why someone from Northeastern is on the BATES Outing Club listserve…but anyway, he invited us up to the Northeastern lodge which is 20 minutes from Sunday River and hosts 40 people?!?!  SUrriously?  Matt wants to go tomorrow?  How about tonight?  Now?  Matt then said something about how he’s  “building bridges.”  Then he told me that that was a good “soundbite.”  Then I said I wouldn’t put it in the minutes.  BUT THEN I DID.

-Emma spoke as environmental director:  because so many BOC-ers are a part of Powershift,  she wanted to know if they can use our gas cards and reimburse us after?  Some of us wondered if Rob was pulling the strings here?  I’m not quite sure what the conclusion was, but I heard something about us not having any gas cards right now?
-Molly proposed a saw for Puddle Jump.  Good idea.
(I had to stop everyone here for a second and take two collective deep breaths.  Everyone was really freaking out.  I’m not sure why.  Also, I started yoga last week, and I’m feeling some serious inner peace.)
-Matt wants new mountaineering boots?  $300 for 2 pairs.
-Colin proposed a new throw bag, 70$ for 50ft of throw rope.
-Ben proposed 300$ for three pairs of snow blades (short skis)?David has 1 pair he can sell us.
-Matt?2 pairs of crampons, $350.  PASSED.

-Mike reported for Sarah that on 6am Friday, tough mudder training will begin.  That’s all we know.  The rest is a mystery.
-Mandorf:  The weekend before the weekend before finals (that’s confusing), Mike’s heading up to Baxter around 12 or 1pm on Friday, skinning in late to Chimney pond (10+ miles), skinning out on Sunday.  Apparently you have to be in rull good shape.  Mike doesn?t know if he?s in good enough shape.  Oh man.  I don’t want to discourage anyone, but OHH MAN.  More info soon.
-MBW?on Sunday, if conditions are right, he’ll take an ice climbing trip to wherever the best ice is.  Watch for an email.
-Amanda says there will be more climbing at the wall 7-8pm tonight!
-Hansen wanted to remind us that Blake sent out an email about summiting Wildcat, leaving at 5am on Saturday. Niiiice.
-Sam prawer is going skiing on Friday and surfing this weekend.  Watch for some emailz!

I told a story about streaking in a thunderstorm and potentially having a naked interaction with my boss.  Maybe.  Maybe he yelled, “go Hallie, go!”  Maybe he didn’t.

Gretchen told a story about streaking at her high school.  She and her friend painted themselves up as wasps (her school’s mascot) and ran as fast as they could.  They did a sweet naked loop around the school and then returned to class all nice and clean and the principal briefly commented on some wildlife sightings.  Nice.  STREAKING’S DA BEST!

-Stickers went to Russia last semester and saw a ten year old smoking a cigarette.  No, actually.  Yep.  That’s the whole story.  And then the meeting ended.

Sorry, I’m not really feeling these minutes.  I’ll do better next time, I promise.  Much love BOC!


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