Minutes 3/16: Barry Manilow Fan Club

HI!  The subject of this minutes is the reason Colin didn’t make it to the roll clinic on Sunday.  But Blake got the real reason right:  Colin was playing a spades game with Santo.

-Colin turned 21 this weekend! …and the roll clinic will be happening NEXT weekend.
-Judy is not retiring!  Psych!  She’ll be with us for one more year!  Awwwesome!
-The epic adventure film that Ben has told us about a few times now (the one with the couple backpacking and battling raptors) will be on Monday, April 4th in Olin.  There will be refreshments.  Yee!

-Matt told us about the WFR course, which will be run by WMA over short term.  It will be 3 days a week on weeknights from 5:45-9:30 and then 3 Saturdays from 8-6pm.  It’s $500/person, which is a REALLY good deal (mine was $600.  I’m bitter).  It’s also a really, really cool course.  There needs to be a minimum of 14 people for it to run, and the BOC needs to put down a $3500 deposit for it to run.  So sign yo bootays up.
-If you haven’t paid for Powershift yet, you can pay tonight in Frye St. Union at 7pm (it’s $20).  There’s a waiting list if you want to get on it to try and go.
(I’M BORED OF THESE ANNOUNCEMENTS ALREADY.  Not because they’re boring but because I am)
-Blake said something about an oil light going on in the van last weekend.  Not really important enough for the entire listserve to read, but I just wanted to let you all know that Blake WAS paying attention, not falling asleep at the wheel.
-Lost Valley is still open for another 2 weeks!  Nice.  Today would be a good day to go.  I bet you could go skiing naked and not get cold.  Any takers?  Naked calendar?
-The first annual Mount David Pond Skimming SUMMIT (slash “Championship,” whatever Ben it’s obviously a summit) will hopefully be occurring soon.  Guys, this is Ben’s dream (dreamin big!).  Don’t let it fall by the wayside.  He’s been dreaming about this his whole life.  If you’re interested in helping Ben out, shoot him an email blatham@bates.edu .  if you don’t know what pond skimming is, check out this vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID9Lrubnvf0 (start at 20 seconds in).  Also, you should probably check this one out.  Mike showed it to me this morning and it’s been stuck in my head ever since.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gM5TjSOQ48
-I announced the concert I’m a part of on Friday.  It was totally an Outing Club meeting appropriate announcement.  YOU SHOULD ALL COME, IT’S IN THE SILO AT 6 TOMORROW YEEEEE!  Check out my announce email.  I send so many emails!  Cool!

-we passed $300 for 3 pairs of snow blades.  Yep, snow blades.  Ben tried to convince us by saying that we spent a ton of money on another type of ridiculous gear, roller blades, last year and no one ever uses them!  Great logic!  But fo realsies, who would wanna go roller blading when they could go snow blading?  My computer is saying that blading isn’t a word, and the more I look at it, the less like a word it looks.  Hm.
-We had an extended discussion about mountaineering boots.  I tried to lighten the mood by making funny jokes but sometimes this doesn’t help and people just get annoyed at me.  This was one of those times.  We decided to defer making a decision on mountaineering boots until later (and then I made a joke about how we’ll make the mountaineering boots wait and then we’ll reject them regular decision.  This was one of those times were my joke wasn’t received well.  Slash I don’t think anyone was listening to me anymore).
-I proposed 5 pairs of neoprene gloves for paddling, $40 apiece

-Lauren wants to take a van to Red River Gorge in Kentucky over April break, check out her email.
-Sarah announced a make-up roll clinic for this Saturday, check out her email.
-Amanda announced a trip to Shortridge that she also emailed about–guyyyyys, if you email about all your trips before I have time to write the minutes, I’ll be out of a job!  Jeez!
-Amanda’s also going to Sugarloaf on Sunday, I think she sent an email about that, too.
-Jeremy wanted to let us all know that if you or any of your friends want to take a NOLS course, you should talk to him and he can give you a referral card that gives you $100 off the course AND priority in registration.  This guy’s legit.

-Last Tuesday, Jeremy went to the Bald Face Mountains for an afternoon skin (last night I learned the reason Jeremy can do cool things like this during the week is because MATH MAJORS DON’T HAVE TO WRITE THESES. Seriously???!??!!?!!).  Anywayyyy, he got up to the ridgeline around 4 and was ready to go for an icy run down around 5 when he realized that he had a broken binding on his split board.  This is when he texted Ben (WTF, spellcheck, “texted” isn’t a word?  CATCH UP WITH REALITY!) saying something like “hi ben, i’m at the top of bald face and my binding’s broken, come find me if you don’t hear from me by morning.”  GAH.  Thankfully Jeremy made it out around 9 with a combo of strapping down his binding till that broke, skiing on one ski, and post holing. At one point, he met the biggest moose he’s ever seen and they bonded over their post holing techniques.
-Last summer, Emma Timbers was backpacking in the Alps (whatevs, no big deal) and everyone says “Bonjour” when they pass each other.  She ran into a group of like 500 Japanese tourists and every one of them said “Konichiwa!” to her.  Weirdddd.
-Sarah Streat was awoken around 5am one of the nights this weekend by a stranger coming into her room and peeing on her roommate’s laundry.  Apparently this is a Bates rite of passage.  It’s never happened to me; will I be able to graduate?
-Ursula got back to her room late one night last semester and found a stranger sleeping in her bed who had sleepwalked there.  Cool!  These are all great ways to make new friends!

THUS CONCLUDES THIS WEEK’S MEETING.  Also, I’m digging this weather.  I’m sitting on my screened porch.  I can totally handle spring!  If thesis doesn’t kill me first.


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