3/23: Monday-Thursday, No Fun

The subject for these minutes is the title to Rebecca Black’s next song.  Lolcatz!

-Well, this is late…but if we get 8 members to help set up at gala, we get $500 for the club.  That’s pretty sweet.  Get in touch with Ben, blatham@bates.edu if you’re interested; it counts as a work trip (does it ever!).
-MBW couldn’t be at the meeting because he was busy pleasing judges at Iron Chef, but if you haven’t noticed from his emails, the WFR course is still happening and it needs people!  Seriously, though, it’s a really awesome course.  I would recommend it highly to anyone and everyone.  Do iT!  As Ben said, “it’s a great investment in your human capital.”  He’s so smart!
-Speaking of WFR, I’m going to recert mine over the weekend of May 14-15.  If anyone wants to join me, shoot me an email.  You can just press reply; how convenient!
-Thanks to Ursula, (you should bow down to her next time you see her; she’s kind of like a goddess), the BOC got allotted $27,000 for next year.  That’s $1000 more than last year, and budgets were cut all across the board.  SICK.  Someone knows how to do her job.  Unlike me; I can’t even send out an email on time…
-Zand, former BOC pres, is in Outside Magazine.  Whatever, not a big deal.
JUST KIDDING ARE YOU SERIOUS THAT’S REALLY REALLY AWESOME.  Check it out, http://outsideonline.com/adventure/travel-ga-201104-alexander-martin-sidwcmdev_154897.html
-Don’t forget about our banquet, Wednesday April 6th at 6:30pm in the Silo!

-Ben proposed $1000 for 3-4 new beginner surfboards and new wetsuits.  Then we discussed where to keep surf gear, but Ben decided we should put off that discussion until we get the surf gear.  Planning ahead would just be silly!
-We passed $120 for 3 pairs of neoprene gloves for cold water sports.

-COlin and I are going to be at the boat barn next Wednesday at 5pm for a work trip!  Come one, come all!  We’re so fun to hang out with!  And so are boats!  ANd so is the boat barn!  Yippeeeee!
-Ursula is taking trips to Lane Hall…oh um…yesterday.  GOSH DARNIT I’M SO SLOW AT WRITING UP THE MINUTES!  But she’s also going next Thursday between 1-2:30.  Bring yo receipts!
-Will and Alanna wanted to see what the interest level is for skydiving over short term.  SKYDIVING OVER SHORT TERM?!  UMMMMMM yes.  Please.  Just don’t tell my mom (really, don’t tell her.  She’ll be here teaching a short term class and you should totally chat with her because she’s da bomb but don’t mention anything about skydiving.  Okay cool, thanks.).  It’s about $170.  I’m not sure where I’ll get the money but I’ll be going.  ENOUGH ABOUT ME.
-Colin and Tanner are going kayaking tomorrow, they’re going to Steep Falls.  Email COlin if you want to go and know how to kayak.  cbarry@bates.edu
-1st weekend of Short Term, we’re going to Ellie’s grandparents’ house in Conway.  Aaaaand we’re going skinny dipping.
-The weekend after finals end, Dorfman is going to Tucks?  I think?  I can’t read my handwriting.
-There are a few canoe races I want to do, one is that same weekend after finals (coincidentally the day after my thesis is due, so that might be a no-go for me…but we’ll see).  That one is the Kenduskeag Stream race in Bangor; the next weekend, I am definitely doing one of three if anyone wants to join.  They are the East Machias River Challenge, the Piscatiquis River Race, and the Machias River Race.  Shoot me an email if you’re interested; they’re all whitewater races.

-Ursula took a crew sledding down Mt. David on Monday.  She locked the sleds in the costume shop (I hear the sledding is great in there!  LOLZ!), so the gang used a kayak Sarah “found” outside the boat barn.
-Hanson went home to take a shotgun certification class with the NRA, and then he joined the Young Republicans Club.
-Just kidding!  The whole story is that he had to take the course because he’s working in Alaska and has to be able to fend off polar bears (no joke).  Hanson knows his way around a gun, or, as he put it, he “knows which end is the business end,” and he was next to an old lady who looked like she was about to keel over, so it was a bit of a surprise when she hit her target dead-on, and the kick of Hanson’s gun hit him in the face.  OUCH.  But apparently the same thing happened to the old lady, too.  It sounds like she drank a lot of milk as a child because she was totally fine (morbid Hallie pictured her cracking a cheekbone or something.  But she didn’t.  Moral of the story:  drink your milk!  No one likes brittle bones!).
-Colin lives in Goochland, Virginia.  That’s the whole story.  Goochland.  No joke.
-Okay, that was a lie.  So, it’s a pretty rural place as you might have guessed from the name (I can’t imagine a city called Goochland because there probably aren’t enough people who would want to live in a place called Goochland to make it a city).  Anyway, many of Colin’s friends, as he put it, are hicks.  One friend invited Colin to his house to go shoot some squirrels.  So they go, and COlin is chattin away and his buddy says, “dude, shut up, we’re hunting!”  So then things get serious and Colin hears something above him in the tree and starts shooting at it, but he wasn’t wearing his glasses (sidenote–Colin should not have been given a gun if he wasn’t wearing his glasses because one time I found him wandering around Commons looking quite lost and he told me he couldn’t find any of his friend because he wasn’t wearing his glasses.  So the fact that his fried felt confident giving Colin a deadly weapon in this handicapped state doesn’t speak highly of Colin’s friend’s decision making skills).  Anyway, moral of the story was that Colin ended up shooting a woodpecker by accident.  That’s no good.
-Josh hiked up Wildcat in NH, and while most of the rest of the crew hiked up with their skis, Josh and John hiked up with Commons trays and shredded down on them until they lost them.
-Amanda went skiing on Sunday at Sugarloaf and Emma skiied her first black diamond and someone else got a bloody nose.
-Will went skydiving with his friends and one of his friends wanted to go naked but they convinced him not to (because, among other reasons, when you go skydiving, you’re strapped to another human being.  Awk.).  Sooo, he went in his boxers and someone filmed it and when they got to the landing area he was being interviewed and his, uhhhmmm, junk was hanging out of his boxers.  That’s also awkward.  And then they watched the film of it in a public area.
-Molly dated a skydiver and he went skydiving on a crazy-windy day and he ended up landing at a dump and had to wait hours for a dumptruck to come to bring him home.  What an adventure!
In other news, my roommate Gina just finished her thesis and we’re all very excited for her.


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