Minutes 3/30:What if you became a dinosaur ninja whale and saved the world?

ERRO FRIENDS!  So this email might be a little punchy because I’M A LITTLE PUNCHY because it’s thesis crunch time and I have been staying up late and drinking a lot of caffeine (although, let’s be serious, not that much caffeine because have you ever seen me uncaffeinated?  I always seem kind of caffeinated.  NOW IMAGINE ME ON COFFEE.  So I’m drinking a lot of earl grey and I’m still kind of crazy.  COOL THIS WILL BE FUN FOR ALL OF US!).

Also, the subject line of this email was the response to “What would you do if ___” (fill in the blank).  It started because I forgot to think of a question and then Mackie and I sang City High’s “What Would You Do,” and we knew all the words and it was a great bonding moment.

So this meeting sure was fun!  We talked about lots of things and then we voted on positions for next year (although I’m convinced that BOC won’t exist next year, or really Bates at all, because I won’t be here.  RIGHT?  RIGHT???!).  We started out with ice cream, which got everyone all riled up, except me because I’m a wiener kid and can’t eat dairy.  Yep, that’s embarrassing.  And Ben couldn’t find any non-dairy ice cream at 7-11.  COME ON 7-11.  GET IT TOGETHER.  Then Mike showed us how to make a bowl out of a plate, which was very exciting until Colin made a plate disappear behind his back and turned it into a stack of bowls!  Way to steal Mike’s thunder.


-Banquet is gonna be sweet.  RSVP to blatham@bates.edu if you haven’t already.  It’s next Wednesday at 6:30 in the Mays Center (Silo).  Yeeee!  And I bet I’ll be even cRaZiEr by that time!  All current and new directors are required to come.
-We’ll be announcing directorships before the weekend.  Watch for an email!
-On Monday, that film that Ben has been talking about for, like, YEARS now is finally going to be shown in the Filene Room in Pgrew (the big lecture room) at 7:30, and it’s free and open to the public.  I think it’s called “Journey on the Wild Coast.”  But that might be a lie.  Ben said something about “Ground Truth,” but then I looked that up and it was a movie about Iraq.  So then I looked up “Ground Truth Trekking” and this is what I came up with.  Here’s the link to the trailer:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HkrJXE9bcZg&feature=player_embedded-I emailed Patagonia and we now have a deal with them where we can get 35% off retail price.  Watch for an email right after this one.  I know how much you love getting emails from me!
-There are 3 spots open for Powershift!  Email Rob, rfriedm2@bates.edu if you’re interested.
-WFR will be happening during Short Term; there are 3 spots left!  Email mbakerwh@gmail.com if you’re itnerested.
-Email Mike if you’re interested in taking WFA (wilderness first aid) during Short Term.  It will either be the weekend of the 21-22 of May or 28-29.  msagan@bates.edu
-Mike Dorfman has gotten in touch with Andrew Skurka, who is A SUPER RAD BALLER PERSON.  He was the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2008, as well as Person of the year by Backpacker.  Check this out:  http://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/best-of-adventure-2008/achievements/andrew-skurka-2.html and this:  http://www.andrewskurka.com/info/lightweightlifestyle.php
anywayyy, Skurka is willing to come to Bates next October for 2 days for $1700 to give a lecture and a clinic on lightweight backpacking.  SWEET.  Way to go, Dorfman.
-Clambake is gonna be the 2nd weekend of Short term (tentatively).
-Conor wanted to remind us to take first aid kits on trips.  This kid is safe!  Also, the health center is giving us all the Tylenol and Advil our little hearts desire.
-Ursula wants update the constitution!  This should happen.
-The 1st weekend of Short Term is ecoservice day.  Watch for emails about how you can participate.

-Check out Matt’s email about going climbing on Sunday
-Sunday brunch is happening again!  Although it might be a little snowy…
-Dorfman is going to Acadia early on Saturday.  mdorfma2@bates.edu
-Colin and Tanner might go paddling on Sunday.

-We approved $1000 for surf gear and $300 for mountaineering boots.

ALSO, Ben found the e-room scorpion!  GAHHHHHH!  It looked a little like this:  http://www.jaunted.com/files/5957/mn013_abominable_snowman.jpg

Here are some highlights from the election period of the evening:
-KC made a funny joke when she was talking about how she wants to be watersports director about how she got her feet wet with the BOC in the Eroom.  Lolz.
-Brian stayed in the running, humbly, for hikes and trips.  Or something.  He wasn’t especially clear, but he was especially humble.
-Sam said “gnarly;” therefore, he should be surfing director.
-Brian said “conduit.”  I’m not too sure what we can infer from that (I said “infer”), but that’s a nugget of a vocab word.  I bet this kid aced his SATs.
-Also, we talked about Kellen’s suggestion of creating a new position, Director of On-Campus Activities.  Think on it.

AIIIIGHT KIDDIES.  There goes some serious time I could have used to be productive with thesis.  I hope this is enjoyed by someone.


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