24 hour beef jerky diet–BOC Minutes 9/12

We are back!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for coming out to the meeting last night it was great to see so many new faces and old friends.

There was a lot of stuff announced last night, and it looks like its going to be a great year.

Let’s start by giving shoutouts to the new directors:

Ellie V.G — President
Matt BW — Vice President
Bryan L & Alex  W — E-Room Directors
Alanna P — Secretary
Hansen J — Safety Director
Blake S & Erin G– Hikes and Trips
Amanda G & Nate T– Climbing
K.C. C & Caroline C — Watersports
Joseph M — Cabins and Trails
Sam P & Dan B– Surfing
Jess N & Doug W– Publicity
Sean M  John B — Hickories
John B — Webmaster
A bunch of hooligans — E-Room staff

and Sam W could use your vote to be the second cabins and trails director…

so snaps and praise for these guys for holding it down all semester long!

Ellie and Matt announced a few big trips this fall starting with Clambake at Popham beach on 9/16 (this sunday),  Acadia 9/28-9/30,  Katahdin in October.

Ellie also gave a little preview of big things next semester like Winter Carnival and Sky Diving.

From the attendance sheet its clear that you guys all had fun on AESOP, but if you still have gear or knows anyone that has gear  hit up Mackie (mstelle@bates.edu) so she can get it back. Otherwise next year AESOP is canceled, don’t make the class of 2017 hate you all ready… just kidding but bring your stuff back.

Bryan has a E-Room work trip next week, look out for emails.

Peaks Weekend is next weekend and Blake (bshafer@bates.edu) wants to know who’s interested. Peaks Weekend is when we try and get as many peeps on the peaks as possible. So grab some friends and crush a mountain. Hes coordinating lunch and transport too, so be sure to give him your info.


Amanda  is hosting ladies night on the rock wall in Merrill gym, beginners welcome!  9/13 from 7-9 (NOW!)

Sams got a surf trip, a BIG surf trip, in mind and he wants to know who’s interested email sprawer@bates.edu

Amanda has another trip but its only for the more advanced ladies and gents– shes doing the Prezie Traverse with the man, the myth, the legend and the alum Mike Dorfman. Its a 26 mile day and its going to be fast paced.  She’s got three spots, email her and let her know if your down (agoss@bates.edu).

Collin is getting together a weekly bike trip, beginners/chill trip at 4 more intense ride at 5. Both trips leave from 10 frye. There is a few extra bikes and helmets avaliable if you need them. cventlin@bates.edu.

Erin is doing 1 hike per day next week and all trips are 10-30 minutes away. Get to know your local mtns.egichri@bates.edu


Matt wants $1500 for the acadia trip, so council members get ready to vote on it next week.

If you want to be a council member all you need to do is come to three meetings, do a work trip and then tell a story. That gets you a patch and you become a council member and that comes with sweet perks.

And now for the real reason you read these emails:

with love,

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