Brian K. Vs. E-room Scorpion: Battle to be the BOC Mascot–BOC Minutes 9/19

Heyo BOC buddies,


The Maine Appalachian Trail Club (MATC) contacted Ellie because  in 1913 Bates students did tons of work on the AT, and is the very reason it ends at Katahdin not Mt. Washington. So to celebrate its 100th bday, they want to do a story on the BOC, so submit your pictures by going on the BOC fb page. And like MATC on fb while you are at it!


In other news the Bowdoin OC totaled three vans during their freshman outdoors orientation…


The E-room needs a new budget. It is a bunch of money that the E-room would use responsibly to help stock up the E-room. Last year it was $3000 and it was used on skiis and computer things. The budget comes from the total budget of the BOC.

 Current Outing Club Budget is $25,000,


Matt called a vote to vote, got a second and we voted on voting  for the budget:

 0 nays

Unanimous yays


With that, we actually voted:

 0 nays

Unanimous yays


and the E-Room  has  has $3000 dollah dollah bills.


We need new E-room workers. It may seem like a low level job, but its how all the BOC legends got their start and it’s a sick place to work— you get to master stump before the E-room festivities.

Usually falls are chill, but this semester we are moving to chase, and doing a few other things, so get ready to work!

So nominate yourself, your friend or whoever looks excited.

The current nominees are:









JULIA Savage

JULIA Raebac




email if you want to be added to the list

Snaps to Grace for being the only one who actually stuck to her guns and kept the job


We took a vote for Cabins and trails:

Sean spoke Sam’s behalf:  He spent his summer doing trail work, teaching kids to do trail work and has a dope-ass saw in his room.

Running unopposed, Sam is the new Cabins and Trails Director


Next van cert is on the website, and you need a van cert to lead trips


Erin G. has  got a lot to say about Peaks Weekend:

 If you wanna sign up, but didn’t originally sign up send an email to Erin or Blake to get the google doc sign up sheet they can fit you in.

Erin needs 3 people to shuttle vans so email her if you can (

All trips are pretty gnarly , only one is below 4000 feet, but if you are ready and willing you can crush it no problemo.

Add yourself quickly, Blake is getting food and transport together and he needs your info.

We are trying to get 40 out of 48 peaks to make the biggest Peaks Weekend EVER

Grace wants you to know that its going to be real wintery so plan accordingly

Also an alum is sending people up Mt. Si in Seattle. Coast to coast baby, the BOC is takin’ ova.


Hansen’s Two -Minute Safety Speal:

Satellite Personal Trackers

Has presets that helps you say if you are okay, help, 911

Hansen sharing his own, and they seem really cool!

Perhaps the outing club needs there own…


Ellie proposed an amendment to the constitution to remove the webmaster position and incorporate the responsibility into the presidential duties.  This will be voted on the week after advance.


Real Rock Festival is coming to Portland and they will be showing so awesome films. Sean is excited, real excited, and if you are too email him at to get in on it. 

Its on October 6th (parents weekend)


Alex has a work trip in the E-room, you need it to be a council member if you want to come to advance and get a patch. You’ll be moving Aesop stuff back to the E-room. email him at for the deets.




Chris has the weekly bike ride this Friday 4:30 at 10 frye. and he has extra bikes.


Erin has mad trips(you’ve probably seen the email), but tomorrow she has one spot for white cap, and like she said, its probably of the best mountain in Maine.


Katahdin is happening October 13th leaving campus at 4pm on a Friday, returning Saturday Eve.


Acadia is ON—kayakin’, canoein’ , rock climbin’, surfin’, hikin’ etc-in’…

 (trip passed with $1750 dollar budget, $1500 from outing club, $250 from the first year fund)




Nate wants $400 for new ropes

Sterling 60-70m

our other ropes need to be retired.

Sam wants 2 axes handles for $150-200

For trailwork (already taking the position seriously, I like the initiative)



Anne walked in on a guy taking a flagrant bowel movement in franconia’s notch

Dana went on a family vacay with his whiny little bro in the Whites, but still got to hike up a waterfall, it was all fun until he got lost… his parents never found him, but then he was adopted by a pack of moose. Dana is moose for ‘young human adventurer’.


Kyle went to go see a meteor shower in Warner, NH but the gate was closed so he had to walk a four mile paved road only to find that the sky was too cloudy and that there were two nalgenes for four people. Regardless, it was AWESOME.


and because you never thought your heart would melt while watching a grizzly bear fight:


peace, love and peaks,

the BOC 

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